Nicole Kidman reveals she ‘begged’ to wear controversial Miu Miu mini skirt

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Image Credit: For the David Fisher / Shutterstock SAG Award

Nicole Kidman In a February 2022 issue, designer Miu Miu gave some succinct details about the outfit she chose to wear. Vanity Fair. He gave according to an interview on 28 May Red Mill! Co-star Baz Luhrmann Through Enjoy Australia, He came up with the idea of ​​swinging himself scandalous clothes. The topic of conversation came up after they discussed the difficulties of aging For women In the entertainment industry, Buzz praised the 54-year-old actress for owning her image.

Nicole Kidman at the SAG Awards Nicole Kidman at the SAG Awards (David Fisher / Shutterstock for the SAG Awards)

“I showed up and they had another dress for me and I was like,‘ No, no, I like it! Can I wear it? ‘ And [the stylist] Katie Grand, who was just great, was zooming in and Katie was “Would you like to wear this ?!” And I said, ‘Wear it ?! I’m asking you to wear it!’ “Said the Australian actress.

The Turbulent photoshoot Nicole had publicity Tell Lucille BiopicTitle Being Ricardos, And was different from the publication’s 28th annual Hollywood issue On the cover, Nicole poses in some gorgeous green scene outside as she stands in the middle of an open gold gate, gripping the bars with both hands. The short getup had a black pleated crop top and matching mini skirt, while she wore long gray socks and pointed loafers.

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