Nicole Baier recalls a casting director once telling her to “be Blacker.”

Nicole Baier recalls the casting director telling her to speak “blacker.”

This casting director has only one request Nicole Bayer And became very familiar with other Hollywood actors.

Live from E!of Laverne Cox Chat with some of this year’s biggest Amy– September 5th stars nominated! special If we’re honest. Designated a third time For his role as host this year Netflixof Nail it!Byer recalls his most uncomfortable audition experience.

“Allegedly, a casting director asked you to ‘talk more black’ at one point?” Cox asked Byer, who Made history First black woman nominated for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program in 2020. Baier responded, “Allegedly? It happened a lot.”

And while Bayer could crack a joke in any situation, looking back on the experience he became real. “Usually, they say ‘sassy, ​​more street, more urban,'” he continued. “But I read it, and she was like, ‘Can you be black?’ I was just playing a fairy. And he was like, ‘Be as black as you are. If you get too black, I’ll bring you back.’

Cox followed up by asking Bayer about the casting director’s race, to which he humorously replied, “Oh, you know he was white as snow.”

And although he didn’t fully understand the woman’s note, Bayer – who was in his twenties at the time – decided to go along with the request, even though he didn’t enjoy it.

Clifton Prescod/Netflix

“It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t cool,” the now 36-year-old shared “It didn’t feel like doing it.”

At the end of the clip, Cox asked,

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