Netflix’s Thai Cave Rescue Trailer Shows Celebrity Behind-the-Story

Netflix’s Thai cave rescue The limited series features the 2018 real-life rescue of Thailand’s wild boar soccer team from Tham Luang Cave.

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Netflix taking Thai cave rescue on the small screen.

The streamer has released the first trailer for the limited series, aptly titled Thai cave rescueAugust 30. Miniseries dramatization Real life 2018 news that gripped the world, where the Wild Boar junior soccer team from northern Thailand and their adult assistant coach were rescued from Tham Luang Cave after heavy rains trapped them there. The international rescue, which took place over two weeks, eventually involved more than 10,000 people.

The trailer delves into the backstories of the local boys, showing their lives at home before they get stranded.

“If we leave, we will leave together,” Papangkorn Lerkchalempot coach Eek told one of the team’s young players. “Otherwise, we’ll be here together.”

The first look also teases the heroic diving missions that ultimately rescue the boys, including the death of former Navy SEAL Saman Cunanan.

In a statement, Netflix made the distinction Thai cave rescue Limited series from other big screen interpretations of the story.

“Shot entirely in Thailand with location filming in the real Tham Luang Cave, Thai cave rescue Providing an extended, dramatic retelling,” reads the logline, “it covers in detail, for the first time, the relaxing experiences of Coach Eck and his 12 wild boar teammates in and out of the cave.”

Previous iterations included in 2019 the cave2021 Oscar-nominated documentary rescue and of 2022 thirteen lives,

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