Naomi Jude was honored at the Memorial Service 2 weeks after her death

Naomi Judd dies at 76: Country stars pay tribute

The country has honored the life and legacy of the music community Naomi Jude With music

Friends, family and co-artists gathered on May 15 at a public memorial in Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium to pay their respects to the late singer. Services – Hosted by Good morning America Anchor Robin RobertsবিশেষA special headline has been broadcast live on CMT Naomi Jude: A river of time celebration.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Winona Jude, Who was halfway through The Jude’s country duo with his late mother, sang “River of Time”. Later, he teamed up Brandy Carlyle For a duet with “The Rose”, the band’s signature mother / daughter melody is recreated.

Naomi was among the other musicians who paid homage to the song Brad Paisley, Carly PierceAshley McBride, Small big citiesJamie Johnson, Emilio Harris and Alison Russell.

In a particularly touching moment, the country singer Martina McBride Read a Maya Angelo Passage to the crowd, when Bett Midler, Sister, Oprah Winfrey, Reba McAntier, Salma Hayek, Ridge Witherspoon And Face me All heartfelt testimonials given.

The actress at the end of the telecast Ashley Judd Wynonna joins the stage and the sisters exchange a humorous chat, Sharing their favorite memories Their mother and Winona describe them as a “dysfunctional family.”

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“Let’s talk about what a fancy single mom she was,” she joked with Winona at one point. “This love thing is enough.

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