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Hello friends, you have reached the exclusive website on App Guide with Online Login, Download APK for Android, iPhone/iPad/iOS, with PC Windows.

Here we will guide you through the download procedure of this amazing app called Musically App. The app is actually phrased as “” and it is a really amazing app which allows music lovers to make their videos for the already released tracks.

Musically App is an app which also stands out to be a social media platform for people to reach their favorite songs lists and get updated with the information of the music personnel.

If you are fond of music and wish to light your own video with your favorite track, then App is the right app for you. App Download for Android

The App is well integrated with the mobile devices and hence is easily compatible with Android OS devices. APK Download

We know that there are more Android users than any other OS mobile device users across the globe. Also, Android OS is much more flexible compared to other OSs’ in the smartphone technology range.

For these reasons, we would like to discuss the Musically App Download for Android devices. Well, we have two methods by which the Android device users can get the app. On is the official Google Play Store method and the other method is the manual installation of the APK file method. Hence, we will discuss both of the methods for our readers to choose from. Here are the steps for both the methods respectively;

Method 1: Using Google Play Store – is officially available in the Google Play Store app market for Android users to download and use it. We highly recommend that you should update the app store so that you get all the latest apps from it. Here are the steps that you need to follow for this method;

  • On your Android device, launch the Google Play Store app.
  • Make sure that you have created and linked a Google Account on the same to make the purchases.
  • Then, when the app store loads, type “Musically” in the search bar and look for it.
  • Several results will prompt up and you will have to select the latest version with the highest rating.
  • To help our readers out here is the direct link to the Musically App Download from the app store;
  • Download Musically: from Google Play Store
  • Allow the download and installation to take place.
  • Finally, after the process completes, exit the app store and you can enjoy the app on your Android device.

Method 2: Download APK file – The second method is to download the APK file and manually install it on your Android device. For this method, you will simply have to enable the “Unknown Sources” option in the application’s settings of the device. Then, follow the steps given here;

  • Click on the link below to download the APK file for the app on your Android device;
  • Download APK for Android
  • When the APK file download is complete, click on it to run the file setup.
  • Select “Install” option to initiate the installation process and wait for it to complete.
  • After the installation is complete, select “open” or “finish” as per your choice.

Well, these were the two methods from which you can get the App Download for your Android device. The Play Store method is much safer and better compared to the APK one but, both work. So, try either of them to get the amazing app.

Musically Download for iOS, iPhone, & iPad

So, by helping the Android users first, we do not wish to be brand bias. Hence, here is a special section for the iOS device users to understand the App Download for their devices too. Certainly, the Android OS is much more flexible than the iOS but, the latter is much more efficient in performance and intellect.Musically iOS download

Apple’s creations are nowhere close to doubt when it comes to safety and performance. We will guide our iPhone and iPad device user readers to get the app on their device without any hassle. For all that, you must first cross check the system requirements of the device. This is important to avoid compatibility issues later on. So, here are the points for the same for your consideration;

  • The app requires iOS 8.0 or higher
  • It is supported on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.
  • The updated iTunes App Store is recommended.
  • Free disk space should be about 300MB

So, after cross checking the requirements you should know whether your device is compatible with the app or not. For those whose devices are compatible can proceed and the rest must account for the changes to be compatible with the app. Now, Follow the steps given here to complete the process;

  • On your iPhone or iPad device, launch the iTunes App Store by clicking its icon.
  • Make sure that you have an Apple ID to make the purchases in the app store. If you do not have one then you will not be able to use the app store services.
  • When the app store loads up, type “Musically” in the search bar and look for it.
  • You will see many results relating to your search so choose the appropriate version amongst them.
  • To help our readers, we have provided the link to the iTunes App Store for the app’s download.

Download Musically for iPhone and iPad devices

  • On clicking the link above you will reach the app’s description page.
  • Select the “Get” option and authorize the app store to make the purchase.
  • Wait for the download and installation process to complete.
  • Finally, exit the app store and you will find the App in your apps drawer with other apps.

By following these steps accordingly, you will get the Musically App on your iPhone and iOS device. The camera’s picture quality and sound quality so vivid to enhance your video’s experience in a positive way. Hence, get on your iOS device and surprise the world with your talent.

Musically App for PC/Windows Download

Imagine if you were able to use the PC device for this app. You will have the advantage of better visuals compared to the mobile devices. Also, you get better battery power and storage support through the App on your PC device. Hence, for these reasons, we have the App for PC on PC Windows

We will discuss the steps for you to get the app on your PC device in this section. Unfortunately, we do not have an official .exe file for the on PC that actually works directly on the PC devices. So, for this reason, we will have to opt for an alternative method to run the app on our PCs.

The basic idea here is to use an Android emulator for running the APK file of the app on the PC devices. An Android emulator is an application that allows the APK files to run and install the app on the PC device. We have provided a link to download the best emulator in the market. Click the link below to download Bluestacks for PC and then follow the steps below it:

Download Bluestacks for PC here

  • The application will automatically download by clicking the link above.
  • When the download is complete, click on the .exe file and run its setup.
  • Select the install button and allow the installation process to complete.
  • After installing the application, launch it and enter your Google account credentials into it.
  • Then search for the “Musically” app and results will appear like in the app store.
  • Select “install” option there and wait till it completes successfully.

Finally, the Musically App will be under the “all apps” section of the Bluestacks application. Whenever you wish to launch the App, you will have to go through the Bluestacks application. For the time being, this is the only applicable method to use on your PC devices.

Musically Sign up Step by Step Procedures

So, now with all the information on the app and its features known to you, you would probably download the app on your device. So, after downloading the app, next is to create the account for setting your profile in the App world. For some users, it may be easy to understand the process on their own so you can do that.musically sign up

We have elaborated the steps to create the account and sign in successfully for the Musically App use. So, to get this done, we have three basic methods or say options by which we can create a new account. To Sign up a Account, you will definitely need to download the app first because there is no online reference site to create an account for the same.

Now, follow these steps after downloading and installing the App on your device;

  • You can create the account by entering an email address which you will have to verify for the account setup process. After entering the email address, click on “create account” and after its verification, you are all good to set your profile as you wish.
  • You can also click on the option of “Connect with Facebook” to create an account. You will have to provide your Facebook Account credentials and then allow sharing of few personal information to set the profile up.
  • Furthermore, you can opt to enter your Twitter account credentials and sign up a new account on the Musically application.

So, by selecting the appropriate option, you will be able to create the account for the Musically Download App. Choose either of the options and you will be just a few clicks from your actual profile setup. Login Online Guide:

After you have created our account and set up your profile in the Musically community, you will require your main account and password for further login Login & Sign In steps

What we mean to say is that whenever you wish for the Login or Sign In Account through your app, you will have to enter your account name or your username with the correct password for it.

Our Exclusive Guide on Login & Sign In

The account login can not be done online or from any web service. So, if you wish to log in on any other device also, you must have the app for the same.

The login process is simple as you only have to enter your email or facebook ID or Twitter ID which you have linked with the Sign In account. With the account name, you will provide the appropriate password so that system will know it is you.

How to use Musically App?

In this section of the article, we will brief our readers on the important steps and ways of using the Musically App. Basically, you will require the Login and account setup information first. All that has been discussed in the sections above.How to use Musically

So, next all you may need are the following functions and the steps to do them are explained in each point itself;

  • The Follow tab: 
    • This allows users to follow other members in the community. Also, this tool will allow users to reach the following member’s list.
  • Username, caption and song name in post display:
    • Every video that a user uploads to his/her Musically account will display the username and a caption tag. The caption is mostly in form of a hashtag or series of hashtags to justify the video or emotion. Furthermore, the name of the song or the artist singer’s name is also highlighted below the video.
  • To personalize the notifications: The user can be notified when a user mentions you or follows you through a video, likes your video or also comment on it. To do this;
    • In your profile, tap on ‘settings’ option and reach the ‘Push Notifications’ option.
    • You can choose whose notifications you want to receive. It can be from everyone to only friends.
  • To get featured on Musically: App community is full of creative, trending, and entertaining videos from many users. In order to get featured on the app, you must keep up with the trend, use hot hashtags currently in use and trend, and keep posting more videos. The more people follow you, the better are your chances to win that crown. Also, you can invite other users to join the Musically App so that you become a viable member of the community.

Well, here were some important points for you to get a good startup with the app. There are many other functionalities of the app which are actually easy to navigate through. Once you start using the app, you will eventually learn all within few trials.

Best Musically Alternatives

The App has many hot features that attract the youth mostly. It is the fastest way for talented and camera-loving people to become famous. For those who love the spotlight, this app is one way to turn the attention of others towards them. But, like all apps, even Musically has its flaws and minor defects.Musically alternatives

There are issues with the trending orders, the invisibility of most users, privacy concerns, and slow progress through the community. Hence, due to such reasons, people are prone to use the alternatives of the Download. We have listed few decent alternatives that provide some or all of the features that the App provides to its users.

Here are some of the alternatives for your consideration;

  • Instagram: This is a really popular application and social media platform where people can share their photos, videos, and thoughts. Instagram is mostly for the youth generation but not at par for other’s use. It offers a profile setup through which people can create an identity in the society. Later, users will post images, videos, like and share pages or quotes that they feel appropriate. People can follow other users to create a social network and also chat with them as a private messaging tool.
  • This is an app created by the Musically developers themselves. It offers live video streaming platform where the video post is actually a broadcast. Users can broadcast moments from a trip, function or any other occasion directly through the App. Furthermore, users can engage with their friends and fans by showcasing their talents on videography.
  • Triller: The app goes like “Triller – Your life in Video” and by the name of it, is an app that allows users to create their videos in a creative manner. It can be a life event, or accumulation of videos and moments in one video to show a documentary of oneself or another. This app is very similar to Musically because it also allows users to create fun and amazing videos which they can post on their community. People can share their videos on the Triller network and can also follow other users as in App. Spectacularly, users can vote for videos to become ‘Triller Famous’ in the community.
  • The application is also a social network in its form which allows many similar features as of the App. The application allows users to share their videos with people in the community and broadcast them in one tap. It works on the fact that people with similar interest can get together on the platform and through their personalities make a recognition throughout the community.

There are many other apps that serve the multi-purpose of sharing videos through a social networking platform. For example; Facebook, SnapChat, Dubsmash, Anthem, Music Videos, Photo Video Editor, etc. You can use any of our recommended alternatives or look for others using the web. We hope you find the best app soon.

How to use filters on

Musically FILTERSThere are various filters which users can apply to their videos and effects that can change the mood or enlighten it in the videos. Musically App supports editing of videos, images and music tracks in such a way that user can create a new video from it to make it more humorous, creative, dramatic, and fill other emotions as well.

Just before you post your videos, you will see the filters and caption editing options on the side of the screen. Just like in Instagram, also in this app the users get the chance to apply different filters according to their choices. First, the filter will apply and the user will be able to see a preview before actually implementing the effect on the video.

We would like to mention a few filters and effects that the users of the App can apply on their videos to make them more creative;

  • Alter Color,
  • Change Contrast and Brightness of video,
  • Saturation percentage change,
  • Motion speed or tempo changes e.g. Fast motion, slow motion, etc.
  • Reverse playback,
  • Face filters,
  • Time trap to loop a scene or moment of the video, and much more…

So, there are many features and effects that the users can apply to their videos. These will eventually help the blending process to become easier. This will also avoid the use of external help from other apps. FAQs

As we can see that the app has many filters, effects, and features through which many things through which user can navigate, it becomes confusing at times to perform some actions. We are going to discuss few frequently asked questions regarding the app and its use with our readers here.Musically FAQs

Go through the following questions and try to match your query if you have any;

  • To change the password for your account:
    • In case you forget your password or wish to change in for security purposes, then simply use the “Forgot password” option provided. Enter the new password that you want to set and select “verify” option.
    • Select the email or phone number option to verify the change process and then enter the verification code in the space to confirm the process.
    • Your new password is finally set.
  • To change the Language of the app:
    • Musically App is available in several languages for the users across the globe. Though the default version starts up with the English language, users can alter it as per their preference.
    • To do this simply go to your app’s settings options and select “language” option.
    • Then from the list, select the language that you want to use for your application on your device.
    • The changes will prompt as soon as you confirm the change.
  • The user gets Suspended from use:
    • The rights and terms of use of the Musically App and its services are subjected to few rules which all users follow. Eventually, due to some actions, the system is triggered to become anti-spam and so the user gets suspended from use for about 3 days.
    • Also, posting many likes and comments in a short span of time triggers the anti-spam system to prompt. This will also lead to the suspension of the user from the services.
    • If you face this situation at some time, then simply mail your username to the authorities at “[email protected]” together with any query regarding this issue.

So, these were few of the common FAQs that most users and people have regarding the app. If you have any more or different query on the app and its features then check the web for answers or write to the authorities for the solution. – The Ultimate Combination

The app is also developed by “ Inc”. and it incorporated few extra services than the Musically app. It is a platform for people to showcase themselves and their talents in the form of a video. The integration of the and app is such that few features in Musically App can get users access to features too.musically lively

With the app, account holders can start the live video broadcasting to fans to interact in new ways. The app is also based on the social networking background but majorly focuses on the video sharing and Live broadcast feature. There are several more features of this wonderful app which will point out here for you;

  • Users can video chat directly through the app with their friends within the community.
  • The users can also broadcast a particular scene or shot (moment) from their trip or real-time happening.
  • Talented people can showcase their singing or dancing or any other talents through sharing of the videos on the Application.
  • You can also get gifts from your fans who watch and follow you on
  • During the live broadcast video, users can switch between their front and rear cameras by simply using the switch (Double-arrow) icon on the screen.
  • There is a feature called “Emoji loves” which are actually small hearts that fly up the screen when you use them while on a live broadcast. When viewers give you these hearts, all add up and show on your profile as like (hearts) on a particular video.
  • There is also the “guesting feature” which is applicable for the iPhone and iPad users only. It allows them to invite other users to be their guest while the user performs his/her broadcast.

So, by reading these features out, we hope that you have understood what the integration with is all about. Users can simply download the app for their respective devices using the official app stores on their devices. Use these links to reach the direct download page for the same;

Click on the links given here to reach the exact download page for the Android and iPhone/iPad devices respectively. Make sure that you are using an updated version of the app stores to get the latest version of the applications too.

How to Block Someone on Musically?

The app is for people to come and unite through common interests but there are times when misusers adapt to the environment. The community does not refrain any user from the use. So, they have made use of the “Block” feature that any user can individually use. This feature will allow users to block other unwanted users from contacting, following, liking or even viewing the content of the user.Block someone on Musically

By blocking someone, those who bother you will not be able to do so and you can carefreely use the service without being disturbed. To block someone in the community, simply follow the steps given here;

  • On your Musically Online account, Go to their profile page whom you wish to block.
  • You can use the search tool of the app or simply tap on the name if its there in front of you.
  • Tap on the three dots button which actually stands for the options menu which you can do. It will be on the upper right corner of the page.
  • When the options list opens up, tap on “Block this user” option to block him/her on

If the user is harassing you or threatening you, then you can report the abuse to notify the authorities. That’s the easiest way to avoid and get over irritating users whom you do not wish to entertain.

Features of Musically App

The app is more than just a video creating a tool such that it allows people showcase their enacting talents to the world. As we said, it is a social networking site for music lovers who are connected to each other with this common interest of music. The app was launched in 2014 and ever since it has rocked the world of its users to date.Musically features

In this section of the article, we will see the amazing features that this app has to offer;

  • The app is free for all Android, iOS, and other OS device users to download on their mobile phones.
  • Allows users to create their lip-sync video with their desired audio playing as the main track.
  • The users can create their own songs and tracks and upload on the App. Also, they can use original tracks and use them to enact and create new videos for the same.
  • Allows users to upload videos from their device memory and can also upload live or directly shot videos on their account posts.
  • Furthermore, users can add filters and effects in their videos like Slow motion effect, fast motion, frame filters, reverse motion, etc.
  • Users can also share their videos on other social networking sites through the inter-connectivity with Musically Application.
  • There is a Musically community in which users can get featured their videos or view other videos that are the chosen to be the best among all uploads from time to time.
  • See how many likes your video gets and where does it stand in the community’s leader board. By getting featured, your video can attain the rank by votes and likes.

So, we hope that these features give you a clear picture of the App. There is no app as of yet which can offer so much altogether. So, depending on your device’s OS, start the download procedure and enroll with your Musically Account and join the music lover’s community.

With this, we would like to end our article on Musically Download App Online Guide with APK Android, PC, & iOS/iPhone Login here. We hope that the information in this article has helped most of our readers. If there is any kind of query although or if someone wishes to send their feedback then write to us at MyMusically. Thank you.