Megan the Stallion is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe—and ready for it

Cara Delevingne explains the “strange” behavior around Meghan The Stallion

Are we going to get you Megan She-Hulk?

Megan the Stallion recently shared that she will be taking on her own role soon Marvel Cinematic Universe. His new album is coming TramazineThe stallion reveals that he has been newly minted Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at LawAs inspired by multi-hyphenate Queen Latifah And ice cube.

“When I look at them, it inspires me to do more than just music,” he said to say to cut August 29. “I don’t think I’m just going to be an actress—I think I’m going to be a director and I’m going to be a producer.”

While it’s not yet known what role Stallion will play in the comedy series, rumors of his involvement surfaced earlier this year when his stunt double, March Day, did the rounds. keep She-Hulk on his resume. (Representatives for Stallion did not return E! News’ request for comment.)

Stallion has also been cast in A24’s musical comedy f-king identical twins, which tells the story of two businessmen at odds with each other. Realizing they are identical twins, the two decide to relocate to reunite their families, a la The parent trap. Casting was announced in February 2022, although it is not yet known what role the stallion will play.

But in his dream, the stallion says he will be part of one bring it Reboot, Acting as Gabriel UnionIts Isis.

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