Matthew Morrison has left so you think you can dance after not following

Matthew Morrison speaks of the end of rejoicing

Matthew Morrison He is two steps down from his post of judge So, you think you can dance.

May 27, The Cheers Alum announced that he was leaving the show’s 17th season because he did not follow “competitive production protocol” as a judge. He said e! In a statement, the news said, “There is an opportunity to be a judge So, you think you can dance It was an incredible honor for me. Therefore, I am deeply saddened to inform you that I am leaving the show. “

He continued, “After filming the audition round for the show and selecting the 12 finalists, I did not follow the competition’s production protocol, which prevented me from being able to judge the competition fairly. I cannot apologize enough to everyone involved and I What I know will still be one of the best seasons I will see with all of you. “

Morrison did not elaborate on the specific protocol.

The actor was the first Declared as judge On SYTYCD In April, fellow newcomers joined Jojo Siva And Stephen “tWitch” Boss, a former runner-up who served as a judge on the show’s 15th season in 2018. on his revised judging panel.

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The news came later SYTYCD Chief Nigel Lithgo, who co-produced the series with Simon Fuller and judged its 16 seasons, Confirmed that he will not return.

“I am thrilled that America’s young aspiring dance talent will be able to work with some of our best creative choreographers,” said Lithgo. Tweet March. “In a personally sad note,

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