‘Masked singer’s Queen Cobra and Space Bunny have been released in the latest duo

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Masked Singers: LR: Robin Theick, Jenny McCarthy, Nick Cannon, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jiang.  CR: Michael Baker / Fox.  2022 Fox Media LLC

Masked Singers: LR: Host Nick Cannon and Jennifer Holiday in The Masked Singer episode.  April 13 at FOX (8: 00-9: 00 PM ET / PT).  CR: Michael Baker / Fox.  2022 Fox Media LLC.  CR: Fox.

Masked Singers: LR: Hosts Nick Cannon and Dwayne

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Two celebrities unmasked during the May 4 episode Masked singer. Queen Cobra was revealed as N Vogue and Shaggy Space was under Bunny’s outfit. The Envog women told HollywoodLife exclusively that they were “terrified” Masked singer First and foremost reveals how the show has “challenged” them.

FashionableEnjoy ‘The Masked Singer’. (Fox)

“We were really, really excited and a little scared because we didn’t know the full extent of what it was like to sing under a mask,” said Terry Ellis. “We didn’t really know what we were walking in, but we were really excited to show off and get dressed. Performing under the mask we wore was really a challenge, but it was exciting. As we all leave, it feels like we’ve been challenged and we’ve grown out of the challenge as performers and entertainers. “

The women each wore their own Queen Cobra dress with a slim bodysuit and large headpiece. “Part of the mask was challenging because it weighed a bit and it was really big. It’s kind of over your shoulder, “admits Cindy Heron.” So as a singer, we’re used to singing, breaking our necks, shaking our shoulders. It’s really about how much you use your body as a singer when you’re really trying to sing. Interesting.The mask was light weight considering how heavy it could be, but it still had a padding that rested on the crown of our head.

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