‘Married at First Sight’ preview: Mitch’s family warns Kristen she might ‘lash out’

Kristen sits down with Mitch’s family to gauge how they feel about everything. They really want to know about Kristen “purpose” with Mitch in this exclusive preview of the July 27 episode Marriage at first sight.

“I tried. You know, I’m 32. I’ve been dating since college, and I tried the traditional route,” Kristen explains. “And gosh, it’s been 12 years, when I was 20. It’s so different now. It’s very superficial. It’s based on lies. It just hasn’t been a good ride, so I was looking forward to it. find someone Who wanted a serious relationship and who didn’t want to play games.”

Marriage at first sightKristen and Mitch are one of the Season 15 couples. (lifetime)

Kristen insists that she just wants Mitch to “feel as comfortable as possible,” which is a relief to Mitch’s family. “I could tell he was feeling very overwhelmed. I think he is feeling a lot of pressure. He is such a rebel. He doesn’t do what everybody wants him to do,” says Matt, Mitch’s brother.

Mitch’s sister-in-law Stephanie takes a slightly different view of Mitch. “Mitch and I hung out for a while. We are very different types of people. He will lash out or say something that might feel a little hurtful, but mostly I think it’s just his pride that gets the better of him sometimes,” he admits.

Mitch’s mother, Bonnie, exclaims that her son is “honest and sometimes he can be brutally honest”. Matt says he’s “worried” Mitch will hurt Kristen’s feelings.

“I just hope that you can just continue to work through things and forgive each other for what happened in the early days,” adds Matt.

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