Makeup Maven Mei Pang on Shelf Love and Sobriety

Although Mei PangIts unconventional look can be a head turner, it feels perfect at home. His inner peace is inextricably linked with his power Express yourself. If anything, he is constantly looking for ways to flatten. “I get a lot of negative comments on social media from the way I look, either because of my bald head or because of my tattoos. But I tell everyone that I feel normal, I feel average and I feel very comfortable within myself. Ever since I found the way I look, it has given me so much comfort and so much confidence that it gives me the jumping off point of going crazy with my makeup. I’m so safe with myself that I think, ‘Okay, what’s next? How can I get the ball on the wall? ‘ This desire for inconsistency was in direct conflict with his more traditional family background. “My family moved to Canada from Malaysia and in Malaysia, it is a very conservative country. This is a conservative country point blank period, especially with appearance. And so when I started getting tattoos and when I started shaving all my hair, I definitely got a lot of response from my family. But I gradually realized that this was just their preconceived notion. That’s exactly where they came from. It takes a while for people to get used to it. ”

Her tattoos are just a summary of her own, her single aspect of who she is. You need to go deeper to read the pages. “It’s a peek into my life. My father always told me, ‘Try everything once. If it gets stuck, it gets stuck. If not here’s a new product just for you! And so makeup is definitely a huge part of my life. Especially since I come from an arts background. I went to Art University. (Did I graduate? Absolutely not.) It’s a key part of my identity, but a part of it, I would say. I do yoga. I have a garden. I knit quite a bit. I’m starting to get back a passion for my Game Boy Advance games. You look at me, but you can’t see me with my makeup and my art. “After spending a lot of time in her life, May finally stumbled upon the shelter of her debut on social media.” I grew up in a small town outside of Toronto I was one of the people of very few colors. I grew up in this city and I grew up thinking, ‘I need to fit in. I need to grow my hair very long. I need to buy these clothes. I have to dye my hair blonde. I have to do everything. ‘ And I’ve been very uncomfortable for those decades trying to fit in. When the internet happened and Tumblr and MySpace and social media where you can start looking at different parts of the world and see how different people express themselves, it gave me confidence differently. To try something, to cut all my hair for not giving in to those values ​​of beauty.And I can say with 100% confidence that I was supposed to look the way I look now.I feel as beautiful and confident as I am because I have tried everything and That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.Zombie Boy) And just seeing him live up to his full potential and still be successful has given me the confidence to go back that way. ”

Despite this new freedom, his life was in deep chaos because of his alcohol dependence. Choosing moderation has sent him into a whole new and positive direction. “When I had a drinking problem, my schedule was fine because I was a party girl. You know, you go out at ten, don’t come home until seven in the morning. You sleep all day and then you wake up hangover and you don’t do anything because you’re hungry. So I feel that restraint has changed my life in a way where I have reclaimed my time. I wake up at about five in the morning. Now I do my makeup. I feel fresh and energized every single day, which is a blessing, especially where my life was so chaotic three years ago. The problem I had was that I often turned black. And so my first moments in the morning were stress and anxiety. Worried ‘What did I tell these people? Did I text? Did I bother anyone? ‘ Now I can wake up in peace and I can wake up happy knowing that I didn’t urinate anyone or I didn’t do anything embarrassing. And I have all this time to work on my makeup and to clean my head instead of it being a job to do my makeup. “Her creativity is a stimulus to keep her calm.” Peace has basically given me my career. It has also given me back my health. “I wasn’t in good health when I was drinking. Drinking two bottles of wine at night must have done a lot for me inside and out. It took such a toll on my body. Now that I’ve been quiet for three years, I I feel very comfortable and I feel alive.It’s a clich,, but I’m not really.I’m a very competitive person and I constantly try to outdo myself.I try to see how far I can go.I’ve seen what restraint has done for me. I always want that push. I keep reminding myself, ‘I’ve done it so far, let’s try to calm down one more day.’ And then for my makeup, I think, ‘I’m cool. Let’s do it, let’s make it bigger.’ It’s definitely connected. “

May is confident that big changes are coming to her in the near future. “I think this is not my final form. I always say I am always evolving. I always try something new. My dad was the biggest motivator in trying something new. He threw me into multiple sports and multiple activities because he just wanted to find my thing. I have applied it in my life as an adult. I try different outfits. I try different styles. I get more tattoos and more and more and more tattoos. The more I try, the more I feel more or less safe with myself. And it helps me in my next life. “He holds his parents close to his heart.” My father is my best friend. Tattoos and baldness on the head, I am a reflection of his spit. My mother is also a role model in my life. They immigrated to Canada. Lots of money, no jobs, nothing. And they’re now incredibly successful people where it inspires me to be like that. But I do it on my own. ”

She embraces greater love, proudly identifying herself as a pansexual. ” I realized that I was attracted to everyone at a very young age. All the girls scream at school! To me, it was a great feeling. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I can love anyone and they can love me again. That’s great. ‘ It was a comforting feeling. It’s a free feeling. It’s a part of my identity where I don’t feel special or different from anyone else. “The community has been a source of affectionate support and re-education for him.” I keep learning and I keep growing and evolving and teaching myself and not learning things.I try to give back in terms of social media, there can help me to identify more and inspire people or just about myself and what the whole world means to me It means to let people know.

As you might expect, May is keen to take full advantage of the rest of the real estate her body has to offer. It is the purest expression of joy and contentment and the proof of how comfortable she is on her own skin – literally. “For my makeup, my plan is to get bigger and bolder with it, which I’m not sure how I’m going to do, because my face is too big, but I’ll get it out. I always do. I’m planning to start tattooing my legs. “I want to get my face minus completely tattooed. I want to cover my whole body right now. I’m very happy with where I am and what I’m doing. So hopefully in the future, I’m doing the same thing.” The world could always stand to be a little brighter with a brave Mei.

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Makeup Maven Mei Pang on Shelf Love and Sobriety. Photo credit: Courtesy of Mei Pang and Sacha Cohen.