Lives comes to terms with the ending in the new single, “Change”

Lives Excited to enter this new era of his artistry. “It sounds incredibly exciting! This new music is very authentic to me and feels like a combination of the genres I’ve been listening to since I was a child. I feel a lot more confident as an artist and producer – more curious than before and this I’m excited to see how the new music continues to evolve and change. It seems like it’s just the beginning! And I hope to tell a visual story that complements the musical. “

As well as getting the opportunity to co-produce Dave Okumu A dream has come true for him. “Working with Dave was a really incredible experience. I’ve been a fan of his beautiful work for a long time. There is something deeply magical in his songs that always speaks to me deeply so it was very special to have the opportunity to work together. I sent the whole bunch and the funny thing is he chose the same four of my personal favorites from Lot. In the meantime, I knew we were on the same page. There will be. It felt like we were in tune and together we built an inherent trust between the process and each other. “

When they cooperate, something powerful happens. “The four songs we’ve worked on together are probably the most raw, personal and strongest I’ve ever written. They are more adventurous and experimental in the production that I have allowed myself to have in the past. Dave’s musical contribution and presence has really given me the confidence to hold that place, to be completely myself and to move away from it somehow. He inspired me to be the way they were. Enthusiastically, working together felt like a positive exchange – their presence added a sense of security to the music that allowed it to reach its full potential. “

Lives’ new single, “Change,” is “the deepest personal song I’ve ever written,” she says. “Change” tells the story of my personal journey and the experience of learning to let go of the past and surrender to the truth of the present. It was written very quickly – I think the chords, melodies and songs came in an hour. It will connect with others who are experiencing similar things. “

The music video is a message of her love for theater and the honest carrying of her soul. “I knew I wanted to set something on the stage because I felt at home the most – I had a burning passion for theater since I was a child. The idea was born from the idea of ​​a woman living in a theater. Music video treatment has been created alongside the director Rees Selvadorai. Reese was very sensitive to the personal story behind the song and wanted to capture that essence truthfully and powerfully. I think he did such a wonderful job. This is the first time I’ve seen it on my own music video. “

It’s the end of a lot of hard lessons over time after you feel taken for granted. “I feel that all perceptions and decisions about something or someone are very personal. What we believe to be true may only be our experience, but it is also true to us. The most healing of my life happened when I had the courage to look at things, to take responsibility for my part and then decide accordingly how I wanted to relate to the person or situation going forward. I try not to judge and take things personally. There is a school of psychology that says that the way people treat us is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. I try to live with it and forgive. “

His relationship has remained in the flow for change. “Change is a difficult one. I’ve always loved new experiences and adventures and new beginnings but I think what I’ve found harder is to end rather than change. The end naturally leads you to change and that’s what is challenging for me, especially when I don’t want to end anything. But what I’ve learned is that change is wonderful – it’s powerful and it enables us to enter new things. It gives us a chance to get to know ourselves better. It was for me – but now I embrace it with open arms because taking it has enriched my life so much. I think it taught me to embrace the moment more because you don’t know what tomorrow might bring. Learned to try and let things happen. “

In a spirit of change, she is eager to share her brand new EP with her audience. “A small statement to say I’m excited about releasing this EP! I am truly proud of the songs and feel that they have retained the personal growth that I have experienced over the years. I took many more risks in writing and producing and tried to really combine the journey of message and lyricism. The music feels exciting and I’m excited to bring people into this new world! “

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Lives comes to terms with the ending in the new single, “Change”. Image copyright: Nicole Nagai.