Liam Payne mocks Gigi Hadid’s old tweet defending Jane Malik as ‘honorable’

Liam Payne28, expressed his true feelings about the former One Direction band member Join the owner, 29, during his latest podcast interview. In a new interview with Logan Paul, singer “Pillow Talk” admits to “disliking” Kruner, but admits that he will “always be by her side”, Emotional. He and the host had an online feud with Logan’s brother Jack Paul in 2020 over the creation of Zayn’s title and how he was talking about Zayn’s girlfriend at the time, Gigi HadidCalling him stuck for his girlfriend “An Honorable King” After calling Jack “irrelevant.”

“He tweeted about himself as a respectable man or something. That person wasn’t a very good age,” Liam said of the tweet after being asked about his relationship with Jane. Allegedly shoved Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, called him a “f ** king Dutch slot” during a fight in a dresser and in September 2021.

Jain Malik, Gigi HadidJain Malik and Gigi Hadid in the previous event. (Bukazlo Frederick / Sipa / Shutterstock)

Despite the seemingly ridiculous remarks, Liam went on to reassure Logan that although he did not always agree with some of Zayn’s decisions, he sympathized with him because he had to deal with the so-called difficult issues as he grew up. “I have many reasons to dislike Jane and there are many reasons why I will always be by her side,” he said. “If I had to go through what he gave me, through his growth and everything else. Do you know if your parents are very supportive? “

“My parents are very supportive where it is sometimes annoying and they don’t even bother to talk to me. And in that sense, Zayn had a different upbringing, “he continued. “You can always look at the person where they are and say,

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