Laura Darn, Jeff Goldblum and more stars you forgot the date

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader have been secretly dating “for over a year”

Memory lane down ready for the final jeep cruise.

Although love has not kept them together, at least we will always have photographic evidence of celebrities who dated years ago. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either Jurassic ParkWith Jeff Goldblum And Laura Darn Finally found love during the making of the 1993 movie before the breakup in 1997.

Of course, this pair, reunion for those Jurassic World: Dominion, Which roared in theaters on June 9, far from the first couple to surprise us with their relationship. This is like last January, when e! News broke that Bill Header and Anna Kendrick, who co-starred in the 2019 Christmas movie Noel, Has been dating secretly for over a year.

The other famous romance that stopped us and says “aka-squeeze me”? Joshua Jackson and Rosario Dawson, Megan Good and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hiddleston and Kat Dennings are some of the amazing couplings that have been happening in Hollywood for years.

So when you see some of these ex-celebrities, get ready to hit the floor with your jaw.

Jeff Kravitz / Filmmagic

Jeff Goldblum and Laura Darn

Finding love in Jurassic Park? Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

Co-stars It started silently after the 1993 blockbuster filmingWith Goldblam saying Chicago Tribune At the time, “I was hurt, I was a big fan of him. I think she is an amazing actress and a spectacular person. I was hurt from the start. But after the movie, we realized that we liked each other. ”

Although they were engaged in 1995,

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