Kristen Bell may have the best Mother’s Day plan of all

Kristen Bell has decided that she wants to spend Mother’s Day alone, away from her family, including husband Dax Shepard and their two daughters.

Kristen Bell Glambot: Behind the Scenes at Emmy

Kristen Bell Some are wishing time alone.

As Mother’s Day approaches, the actress says that she is looking forward to taking a holiday from her husband Dax Shepard And their two children.

“I want to go somewhere where there is no one in my family,” he said. News on the red carpet Funny girl Premieres April 24 in New York City, adding that he has already seen his daughters Lincoln 9, and Delta7, “All the time.”

“My husband says a double standard where dads go to golf and dinner all day and moms are 3 years old all day and are supposed to serve watercolors with them.” “No, I style my father Mother’s Day

The 41-year-old added, “Leave me alone, I’m out.”

No wonder Kristen may need a day for herself. Back in February, Good place Filled on alum Armchair specialist The podcast that he and Dax, who tied the knot in October 2013, is still Let their girls sleep in the bedroom.

Kristen is open about before Keep up with her little onesShares that he is regularly the best by them.

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Kristen quipped during the October 2021 episode of her digital series, “Parenting is like a game. You win or lose every minute of the day.” Mom’s spelling with Kristen Bell.

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