Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson make their debut on the red carpet at the 2022 White House

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson make their debut on the red carpet

Can you keep up with #Kete?

For Kim Kardashian And Pete DavidsonIts last date night, couple Fly back to Washington DCTo join 2022 Dinner for White House reporters. Due to which, for the first time in three years, dinner is being organized Ongoing coronavirus epidemicThe Keep up with the Kardashians Loren Schwartz hangs the alarm in a glitter halter Balenciaga Couture outfit with jewelry, while Live Saturday night The comedian Prada wore a smooth Prada tuxedo with sunglasses and van shoes.

This outing for Kim, 41, and Pete, 28, comes less than 24 hours later Performed at a Netflix Is a Joke Fest comedy event LOS ANGELES – The moment he made fun of Kim’s ex, Connie West. (Schemes Mughal Divorce filed From a Grammy winner in February 2021.)

Kim, who shares four children with Kan, Began dating for the first time in late 2021 Later He is the host SNL. Since then, the stars seemingly inseparable, couples enjoying New York, DC, travel. And more recently Florida.

In early April, Pete Kim and his family have shown their support At the premiere of their Hulu show The KardashiansAlthough he has decided not to walk the red carpet.

“She is OK. That’s my thing, “said Kim E! ‘S said Daily Pop At the April 7 event. “I do not think so.

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