Kim Cattell reunites with sex and city writer Candace Bushnell

Kim Cattrell never asked to join the SATC reboot!

Samantha Jones could not reunite with her cheek-friends, however Kim Catral She is feeling love from someone Sex and the City Colleagues

The 65-year-old was honored with this DiversityOf As well as the May 5 Power of Women event Amanda Seyfried, Queen Latifah, Drew Barrymore And more stars. Catral was present to celebrate the success WHQS Author Candace Bushnell and WHQS Costume designer Patricia Field.

Although Cattrall opted out WHQS Reboot And just like that, It seems that their friendship is still strong. The trio all posed together on the red carpet and, at one point, the actress hugged Field’s waist while they shared a smile.

Bushnell even posted a group shot of them on Instagram, Writing“We’re at the Women’s Diversity Event honoring Kim!”

Cattrall, who appeared in Hulu How I met your father And will act in the next Peacock Fierce as a man, He talks on stage about how he is embracing the word “no” to put himself first.

“Saying yes to the future without telling the past,” he told those present, “because you are the screenwriter of the movie of your life.”

That’s what Catrol said recently Diversity An example of how he said “no” to his career, Refuse to be involved And just like that. After filming the second movie, he recalled, “Whatever was in me, ‘I’m done.’

And so Samantha Jones did not appear onscreen in the HBO Max follow-up (although her character Did There are a few text conversations with Carrie Bradshaw,

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