Kid Cudi shared that he suffered a stroke in 2016 while in rehab

Kid Cudi reveals where he really stands with Kanye West

Kid Cudi Opening up about a health scare that happened during the toughest time of her life.

The “Day ‘n’ Night” rapper, 38, recently revealed that he Suffer a stroke Immediately after Admission to rehabilitation In 2016. In an interview with Esquire Published on Aug. 17, Cuddy noted that the stroke affected her movement and speech and that she had to undergo physical therapy for months, telling the outlet, “Everything was fine.”

It wasn’t until 2017 when the “Pursuit of Happiness” rapper auditioned for a role in a Broadway play. the lobby hero, with Michael is the best, he felt he had improved. Although Chudi didn’t land the role, he managed to memorize his lines and complete the entire audition.

“I proved to myself that I could do it,” he told the publication. “I needed it at the time. I was delighted. Like, damn, my brain is still strong. I didn’t lose anything in what happened.”

In October 2016, Chudi shared that he was Checking myself into rehab For “depression and suicidal urges”.

“I am not at peace. I haven’t been since you’ve known me,” he wrote in a Facebook post at the time. “If I hadn’t come here, I would have done something for myself. I’m just a damaged person swimming in the pool of my daily emotions. Inside my heart is always a Ragin’ violent storms blow. What does peace look like? Idok. How to relax. My Anxiety and depression I’ve ruled my life for as long as I can remember and I never leave home because of it.”

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