Kelly Rizzo reflects on “learning to make the world brave” 6 months after Bob

Bob Segate’s wife and friends are paying tribute to him on his 66th birthday

Kelly Rijo Is reflected How was his life Since her husband Bob SedgetShe died six months ago.

“My best friend, my travel friend, 6 months without my loving husband,” she wrote in one Tribute posted on Instagram July 9. “6 months without your stupidity, laughter, music, cleverness, caring, sharp wit, thoughtfulness, hugs and warmth.”

However, Rizzo noted that “it has also been 6 months to find the silver lining” and without Sedget “learning how to make the world bolder”.

“6 months of care and sympathy from many who love you,” she adds to Segate, father and daughters Aubrey, Lara And Jennifer. “6 months to get closer to your magical daughters and try to be stronger together.”

And he is living his life the way he wanted to. “Love, smile and survive for 6 months because that’s what you want … what you want to emphasize,” Rizo continued. “Even though you want to make sure we all still miss you … and dear God we never do. We miss you so much, every day. I love you honey, without you the world is still not what it used to be.”

Along with her message, Rizo shared a video montage featuring old footage of her and Segate. Set Bruce SpringsteenIts “Land of Hope and Dreams” shows a throwback clip of the couple walking hand in hand in tribute, attending a concert and attending a red-carpet event together. It also shows the funny side of the late actor, such as lifting weights with two rolls of toilet paper and showing videos of him wearing his clothes with it. The whole house Co-star John Stamos And Dave Culiar.

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