Kelly Hughes made history as the first sports illustrated swimming model

For the last two decades, Kelly Hughes Has witnessed an ongoing revolution in modeling to more accurately reflect the real world. “The industry has done a full 180. When I first started modeling you had to fit a very strict sample size / measurement and there were no models below 5’9 except Kate Moss (I love her), so it was very difficult for me to get into the industry that I was 5’9 I was not. They also wanted the girls to have a sample size of 34 “or less with buttocks. Even on my skinny day I had a 35.5 inch hip but I was 115lb so my body type would never be 34″ hip. For some it is their normal physical shape, but for many it is not possible based on their bone structure and it leads girls to a very extreme diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Fortunately, the industry has taken an incredible turn, including all body types, sizes and heights and now the door is open for any age. People want to be represented and want to see someone who looks like them so they can relate. ”

Kelly is also the founder and designer of her own incredibly successful jewelry brand. “I have a unisex / genderless jewelry brand called HÜES which I started in 2009. HÜES is the spin-off of my last name Hughes because it sounds the same, but by definition hues are ‘color properties that allow them to be. Classified as an intermediate between red, yellow, green, blue, or any adjacent pair of these colors. ‘ For me, it was about representing the ‘intermediate’ without any boundaries or limitations. I wanted the brand to be for everyone where you can get a HÜES jewelry that you have identified or customized yourself. The line is basically made up of a combination of Cuban links of different sizes and alloys (sterling silver, brass, gold plated, gunmetal and matte black) and occasionally pops throughout the season. We’ve expanded our line to offer some pieces more feminine in nature that aren’t limited to pieces of hardened diamonds and solid gold. I still personally make / assemble most of the pieces but 3 years ago I was inspired by my son to bring jewelry for custom molds of our claps and other machine work so I couldn’t make my own brand of endless possibilities. We sell on our website And various high-end hotel stores such as The Edition Hotel Miami Beach, One Hotel Miami Beach’s Violet and Grace, Base Winwood and Patron of New NYC. You can find us byhues On Instagram.Many of his notable clients include JBalvin, Ricky Martin, Chayenne, Zion y Lennox, Alicia Keys, Maxwell, and Young Thug. Bracelets have a universal appeal and can be made as unique as their wear. “I think unisex and customizable people feel that they connect with the pieces because they have no labels and you can create your own and feel personalized. This is very important especially when it comes to jewelry. The funny thing is there aren’t so many brands that offer it and people want to own jewelry that basically identifies them or their style, so it must be personal for them to feel comfortable wearing it. “

Still, the crown jewel of his life’s success is his three-year-old son, who was born through a C-section after a hard labor. Complex postpartum passions were complicated by concerns for Kelly to meet the impossibly high standards in the modeling world. “Being a mother was the greatest blessing in the world. However, in the first months of motherhood I did not expect what I would feel so soon. I think it has really strengthened me and the bond I have with my son is intact. Being isolated from her for 8 days a few days after birth, I had to go back to the hospital with an infection, which made me feel precious every second. I think this is what we learn the most in our weakest moments. I didn’t understand why this was happening to me and like many other new moms I struggled to find that new ‘me’ that I was in the process because there was no ‘bounce back’ because society puts so much pressure on new moms. I think a lot can be shared about postpartum because we all have different struggles, some have easy deliveries and then struggle mentally, and others struggle physically due to hard labor and some struggle with both. However, mental struggles can last year after year when the physical usually heals much faster. Being in the modeling industry I felt a huge pressure to be who I was before my pregnancy and it didn’t happen according to my plan, and I learned to embrace the process and allow myself to go at my own pace at each stage. “

Kelly’s spots simultaneously represent her most beautiful achievement and her biggest body image challenge. “My scar is how my son came to earth which was the most incredible moment of my life, so when I first saw it, I got mixed feelings and I felt bad for not being able to love it because that’s where my son was born and it was embarrassing. Nothing.However, overcoming insecurity and changing body and really embracing my scars has created an energy in me that I have never felt before.It is like a superhero energy of our mothers, and my scars are my empowerment that always reminds me That I can overcome any obstacle or difficulty. ”This is literally a sign of his perennial resilience. Kelly was able to celebrate his mark this year. Sports illustrated The problem of the swimwear, the beginning of a landmark moment for the industry. “It is a real honor to be the first woman in the history of the magazine to have a C-section. I was very open about my story about how insecure I was about my scars and I really admired it before embracing it and everything I went through and who I was through these scars. So, coming to a stage in my life where showing my greatest insecurity in one of the most influential magazines in the world was so incredible for me on a personal level to truly embrace healing from all the pain I was in. However, it is so powerful and truly an absolute honor to share with the world and hear that it has done the same for many more. See these photos And And look at how confident I feel, not just in a bikini, showing my scars for the first time and then hearing from everyone how much it has affected them and empowered them. It’s more than any photoshoot I’ve ever done. “

He aims to maintain this momentum with his campaign, #ScarLove Challenge, In partnership with ESTAS Beauty. “After hundreds of messages and hearing how powerful and representative so many women are after seeing my pictures Sports illustrated, I felt the responsibility to do more. I wanted to create a community where we could all come together and encourage each other to embrace the changes in our bodies, especially our scars, and I didn’t want to limit it to just C-section scars. I teamed up with ESTAS Beauty because they believe in celebrating our spots and taking care of them, not hiding them. I thought how great it would be to create a community where you would see hundreds or thousands of people embrace their scars. #scarlovechalenge is a place where people can see a lot of photos embracing their scars. It serves as a visual inspiration and inspiration to be proud rather than ashamed. To join the challenge, all you have to do is post a picture of your scar and #scarlovechallege. We’re giving away 3 ESTAS beauty kits and donating অফ 1 (up to $ 1000) per post to the World of Children. “Showing public love for scars makes us proud of the stories they represent.”A lot of times, we hold a lot of pain in the process and you can feel the energy in them when you really embrace your scars. Every stain has a story, and that story tells you who made you today and it’s something that will never be embarrassed or hidden. My scar means the world to me because I first became a mother but second, I saw how strong I was and not what I personally overcame but how my scar was able to inspire others and it was an honor. I have the opportunity to share my story with all of you because many people are truly struggling inside and overcoming the struggle lies in their embrace and the victory of love. ” Hashtags are the first small step that can be expected to become a broad embrace of all body types. “I think we need to spread the word and share our stories. A lot of power on social media! I was amazed at how little C-sections were presented and the fact that 1 in 3 women in this country are now doing C-sections. Which represents a lot of women !! There are more people with other types of blemishes and physical differences that need to be normalized in our society to keep it going. ”Differences are what make us a vibrant and unearthly beautiful community.

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Kelly Hughes made history as the first Sports Illustrated swimming model to showcase a C-section scar. Photo credit (in order): Vivian Arthur, This exposure, Cathy BushAnd Andre Gabe.