Kardashians: School Stunt Northwest in Kanye West is completely unprepared

Kim Kardashian shares fashion insights from the Northwest

When your father Connie “She” WestYou get accustomed to extra gifts.

This explains why Kani and Kim KardashianIts the eldest daughter NorthwestThe 8-year-old felt a bit disappointed when her famous father came to take her to school in a real firecracker, as seen in the new episode. The Kardashians Broadcasting May 19 in Hulu.

“Did you tell Sayant?” The “all day” rapper asked his daughter, who had seen the flashes in front of her brother St. West6.

The oldest Western child wrote wonderfully and simply replied, “No. My mother said it was a surprise.”

But, as Kim noted in the confession, the gesture was a “tricky way” for the chart-topper to do his daily work.

While exploring the truck, Kim said, along with her kids Chicago West4, and Sam West, 3, “Isn’t this the best thing ever? Who can ride a firetrack? “

Without missing a beat, the answer was, “I do.”

This apple did not fall from the tree, right?

Kim tried to highlight how unique the experience was, noting that “I don’t think anyone has done it before.”

Again, the North commented with a perfect response, “Well, probably not at school, but the firefighters did.” (The answer eventually came closer to the present, as he was seen throwing a firefighter’s helmet and dancing in the truck.)

And you seem to have enjoyed the Firetrack adventure just like his children. Connie not only wore firefighter gear, she happily photographed her kids’ unique ride experiences.

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