Joy Bihar reveals she had an ectopic pregnancy: ‘I almost died’

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Watch - 10/24/19 Michael Douglas is ABC's guest today

Watch - 10/24/19 Michael Douglas is ABC's guest today

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Jai Vihar Recalling her personal experience with an ectopic pregnancy, while discussing a hot topic, talking about abortion laws. scene Wednesday, August 3. The co-host shared his emotional story, citing former NFL star and Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s call for a full ban on abortion. She emphasized how important it is to have access to healthcare while sharing her experience. “In 1979, I had an ectopic pregnancy,” she said. “I almost died.”

Before revealing how serious her ectopic pregnancy is, Joy gave a brief description of what an ectopic pregnancy is. “The [embryo] growing in the fallopian tube,” she said. “It will grow large enough to rupture the tube, then you have internal bleeding, and then you die.”

Joy opened up about her life-threatening ectopic pregnancy on ‘The View’. (ABC)

scene The host continues and explains that he arrived at the hospital in time enough to save her during her scare. “They rushed me to the hospital. The next day the doctor said, ‘We almost lost you.’ I was in a situation where I could go to Beth Israel Hospital and they took care of it there,” he said. Joy also clarified that her ectopic pregnancy was “not a miscarriage” and “not a miscarriage,” when guest co-host Elizabeth Hasselback asked her about it.

Before she gets into her story, Joy brings up Hershel’s feelings about abortion. “He supports banning abortion with no exceptions for rape, torture or the health of the mother,” he said.

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