JoJo Siva says she is ‘too much in love’ with Kylie Pree reunion

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There is Jojo Siva And Kylie Preu Formal reunion? “I’m so happy, I love you so much,” said the 17-year-old Dance mom alum said during an interview with April 25 ExtraHe was talking about exactly who “I’m really lucky to be loved unconditionally by this man and he’s great.”

“I mean, listen, I’ll do it [reveal who it is] One day, “said the singer, evading the search for the” man “in question.” I’m not saying yes or no … I should have told him I was pressing today and asked him what he wanted to say to me. “

Kylie Priu, Jojo Siva Kylie Priu and Jojo Siva (Richard Shotwell / Invasion / AP / Shutterstock).

For now, the Nickelodeon star admits that while he and his girlfriend are dating over long distances, they are still doing their best. “It would have been really nice if he had stayed in my house,” she admits. “We have long distances, which is always difficult. He is the best, and [during] FaceTimes When we actually see each other, my heart goes out … “

The Dancing with the Stars Season 30 finalists went to compare with him Mental state after breakup For “Scrambled Eggs”, but note that the status of his new relationship helped him find some basis.

“I think I finally started putting my puzzle together again, and I think there was a piece that was missing and he was a part of that,” she shared. “It’s like the corner piece you needed.”

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