Joe Biden applauded Elon Musk’s comments on economics: ‘Good luck with your trip

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President Joe Biden Couldn’t be seen to take kindly Elon MuskRecent Opinions on the Financial State of America. According to Reuters, Musk said in an email to his Tesla executives that he had a “very bad feeling” about the future of the US economy, which prompted him to stop hiring and lay off 10 percent of the company’s employees. When asked about the situation at a June 3 news conference, Biden responded strongly.

“While Elon Musk is talking about this, Ford is increasing their investment, irresistibly,” he replied. “I think Ford is increasing its investment in new electric cars. Six thousand workers – union workers, I can add, in the Midwest. Formerly Chrysler Corporation, they are making similar investments in electric cars. Intel is adding 20,000 new jobs by building computer chips, ”he argued.

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However, clearly not done with his return, Biden decided to add one last wonderful comment. “So, you know, a lot of luck on his journey to the moon,” he quipped, referring to Musk’s company SpaceX, a private space travel collaboration.

The comment was not ignored South African millionaireThose who reacted to his notoriety Twitter account On the same day. “Thank you, Mr. President!” He wrote sarcastically, including a Press release From NASA, who detailed the 2021 partnership with SpaceX to create a commercial moon lander.

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Many of the CEO’s controversial tweets are not his only links to the website.

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