Jessica Alber Kids: Meet her 3 great kids

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Jessica Alba, Haven Warren, Mary at Los Angeles International Airport Respect Jessica Alba and family, Los Angeles, USA - 24 July 2017 Jessica Alba, Haven Warren, Honor Mary at Los Angeles International Airport

** No youtube, no social media, no public relations, no brand ** Stylish mom Jessica Alba is enjoying a sweet lunch date with her son Hayes in Los Angeles, CA, USA.  Photo: Hayes Warren, Jessica Alba Referee: SPL5295891 120322 Non-Exclusive Photo by: RACHPOOT.COM / Splash News & Pictures USA: +1 310-525-5808 London: +1209 (1788) World rights

Playa Vista, CA - * Exclusive * - This brings your kid to work day and the actress / entrepreneur, Jessica Alba, her youngest daughter, Haven Garner Warren, joins Honest Headquarters for a day.  Before the mother-daughter duo arrives at the office, they make a pit stop for a drink at Starbucks.  Photo: Jessica Alba, Haven Garner Warren Backgrid USA 9 August 2021 Byline Must Read: Spot / Backgridusa: +1 310 798 / us198 @ 19898 .comUK: +44 208 344 2007 /* UK Client - with children Please pixelate face before publishing image *

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Jessica Alba, 41, a prominent actress with over a dozen high-profile credits in her name. He is best known for his role Bizarre four, Good luck to you, Valentine’s Day, Little Foxers, EyesAnd Meet Bill, Among others. He found success early on, too, with like-minded roles Camp somewhere And Alex Mack’s Secret World Coming to the age of 13. These days, the former child star is busy raising his own small batch of Hollywood royalties, and now mom Respect13, and Heaven10, and Hayes, 4, all with his producer Husband Cash WarrenWhom she married in 2008. Here’s everything you need to know about Jessica’s three children!

Respect Jessica Alba and the kids Jessica Alba and her two daughters Honor and Haven. (BroadImage / Shutterstock)

Honorable Mary Warren was born on June 7, 2008, the first child of the couple who famously met on set. Bizarre four. Jessica is undoubtedly proud of Honor, regularly posting about her accomplishments and other accomplishments in school. In 2021, he went on Instagram to greet his eldest daughter Happy 13th birthdayIndicates that Honor is already taller than her, and she is growing very fast!

“My teenager !!!! This 13! He captioned a beautiful photo of Honor wearing jeans and a black jacket.” Yes you are already much taller than me, which you love to remind me every day.

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