Jesse Palmer says clothing is “optional” for bachelor suitters this season.

“Bachelor” women talk about “bachelor rate” opportunities

ABC wasn’t kidding when they said Gabby Windy and Rachel Richie’s season Bachelorette The problem is going to double feature.

In a cast photo for season 19, a muscular man appears with ৷ Other competitors Shirtless, wondering what to leave Bachelor Nation Went down that night. As host, Jesse Palmer joked with E! The news exclusively, “Obviously now with this arrival, clothing is optional.”

In fact, the dress seems optional-period. When asked how much skin the contestant emptied, Jesse confirmed that there was more to see. “This particular gentleman, I don’t think I really like clothes,” he told EK! “I think he just likes to endure everything. It’s kind of a vibe. “

But this mysterious shirtless man isn’t the only one who, as Jesse wrote, created a “legendary” entrance “there were four-legged animals, two-legged animals, magic tricks, forklifts,” the former bachelor star teased. “Really, it just runs the gamut.”

Although the Bachelor Nation has seen lots of animals in the premiere episode, the forklift is certainly sounding like the first time.

But it is expected for this historic season, which will see Two women looking for love At the same right time.

Of course, there was a learning curve for Gabby and Rachel, who had to find the best way to embark on their proverbial journey. “I think they deserve a ton of credit because they took control,” Jesse explained. “They sometimes make their own rules, they sometimes go into unknown waters, but I think the biggest thing about Rachel and Gabby is that they have unprecedented support for each other.”

ABC / Craig Sajodin

Naturally, there is Something Difficulty dating the same men.

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