Isabella Rocks ‘Top Gun’ Shirt Rare Outing, Daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

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LONDON, United Kingdom - Bella, the adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, was spotted wearing a baggy T-shirt near her home in south London.  Curvy Bella has been spotted chatting with friends and going shopping with her husband Max Parker wearing a woolen hat.  After talking to her friends about getting tattooed, she and Tom go to a nearby electrical store to buy an upmarket Air Con fan.  Tom wore a hat despite the warm weather.  Photo: Bella CruisebackGrid USA 15 July 2017 USA: +1 310 798 9111 / usasales@backgrid.comUK: +44 208 344 2007 / uksales 208 344 2007 / uksales.  Pixelate face before publication *

LONDON, United Kingdom - * EXCLUSIVE * - A Favorite Life Really out of the spotlight, Tom Cruise's daughter Bella Cruz is seen waiting at a bus stop in Croydon.  Although Tom's father has recently been spotted flying a helicopter around London, Bella, who has chosen to lead a quiet life, has been seen catching public transport while wearing her protective mask.  * Shot on September 10, 2020 * Photo: Bella Cruz Backgrid USA 11 September 2020 USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 2007 / PKUgrid-comtains-Clider Please please Pixelate Face * * Client Restrictions apply *

AG_161785 - ** Restrictions: United States only, Canada ** London, United Kingdom - * Exclusive * London, UK - Isabella Cruz shows off her new look while walking.  The adopted daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise banged and bundled up in a big black jacket as she walked down the street listening to her iPhone.  AKM-GSI January 9, 2017 Byline Must Read: Vantagenews / AKM-GSITo License these photos, please contact: Maria Buda (917) 242-1505 mbuda@akmgsi.comor Mark Satter (317) 691-9592 691-9597. com

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Isabella Kidman Cruz Her parents are repping! 29 year old girl Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman A cradle when his staff struts in London on Tuesday Top gun T-shirt, aka the 1986 action-packed flick starring his father. She paired the look with a oversized jean jacket, black jeans, black combat boots and a white baseball cap. The Young artist Some of the darker shades also swayed, reminiscent of his father’s lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, or perhaps the coolest pilot in the neighborhood (coming back in the near future). Top gun: Maverick!)

Isabella Cruz Isabella Cruz (Shutterstock) in London.

Tom and Nicole Accepted Isabella (And their son Connor) during their decade-long marriage in the 90’s. Isabella, who was born on December 22, 1992, took a page out of her father’s book, following a lifestyle away from the spotlight, but she recently Has resurfaced on social media On August 25, 2021, fans went crazy with a selfie The new photo came four months after she last shared a photo of her face online, so her followers were thrilled to see her share a new photo of herself.

Bella gave her Instagram followers a rare glimpse of herself again on September 24, posing for a selfie while wearing a white graphic top and a red bandana around her neck. She wore a loose red knitted hat over her dark red wavy shoulder-length locks and showed off a nose ring and a tattoo on her upper arm.

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