Ireland Baldwin kisses boyfriend in front of Eiffel Tower on spaghetti straps

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Ireland Baldwin On June 11, while standing outside the Eiffel Tower, her boyfriend gave a romantic smooch to a musician named RAC. According to his social media, he has been romantically involved with this special beauty named Andre Allen Angos since July 2021.

In the first four snapshots of the Instagram post, the two are seen wearing navy blue getups. Ireland swayed in a satin dress, showing off her feminine hand tattoos, while RAC was in a dashing suit as the two embraced in Paris. She poses with her cousin Alaiya in one photo, while they hold Rose’s glasses in the other. “Photobooth is not a background,” reads the cute caption.

No stranger to showing love to her boyfriend online, Ireland blew Andre on her birthday in January. “You’re the most intelligent, patient, respectful, calm, generous, thrilling, sexy and inspiring person I’ve ever met but most importantly, you’re teaching me how to be a good person,” he said affectionately during a sharing. Some weird pictures.

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However, for Ireland it was not a year full of sunshine. Her family faced some serious difficult times when her father Alec Baldwin That accidentally shot off a prop gun Deadly shots Cinematographer Halina Hutchins Filming time A Western title in October 2021 is “Rust”.

Made a deeply affected Ireland A statement A few days after the incident. “My love and support goes to Halenia Hutchins’ family and friends,” she posted on her Instagram page on October 22.

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