Inside the Deep End: The Rise of Till Swan and its controversial “completeness”

Jan Broberg says acting helped him recover after the abduction

Content Warning: This story discusses suicide and sexual abuse.

Among questions about his methods and allegations that he is presiding over a kind of religion, spiritual healer Till Swann pressed.

Online videos, books, “synchronization” workshops and commodities remain the mission of the 38-year-old’s growing name empire, According to his website“The transformation of human suffering into an empowered and authentic life”, which forces one to dig deeper to get to the root of that suffering – even if it hurts.

This is why his site also advises, “Till swan is not recommended for those who just want to feel good.”

The author, artist and public speaker has a huge following with 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and he denies that he is a religious leader by any means. (His “Ask Till” videos are also the ones he opens with the claim ৷ No. A physician professional, or his content should not be taken for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.) However, his approach to curing what ailments you have has nevertheless attracted part of the assessment.

Shot for several years, a four-part freeform documentary Deep bottomWhich premiered in May and is flowing in Hulu, has examined both sides of the coin: Till has built a dedicated community around him, encouraged by people who have nothing but faith in his power and how he runs them — and various criticisms and Till The results of a personal investigator’s search to find out if he is doing more harm than good.

Free form

When contacted for comment, a representative of Till directed e! News of the videos he made last month Feedback in each episode.

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