Inside Taylor Swift’s sweet connection with Summer I turned into a beautiful series

How the summer I launched the beautiful series is different from the book

For writer Jenny Hann it was nothing more than a cruel summer.

His new TV show Summer I turned beautiful, Based on his young adult trilogy, premiered June 17 and was the most-viewed series on Amazon Prime Video over the weekend. But for Han, the icing on the cake came a few weeks before the show dropped when the first trailer debuted. Taylor SwiftOf Version of “This Love”.

Han exclusively told EK, “I don’t even know what the words mean to me! News. News.” It was my number one.

Execution. The two most important moments of the finale are set for Swift’s song, which includes the return of “This Love (Taylor’s Edition)”, with Belly (Lola Tung) and Conrad (Christopher Brinley) kissing their first on the beach. Brazen.

And before that final scene, “The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s version)” acts as a needle-drop when Conrad finally sets foot to dance with Bailey as Debutant. Cool, reader, we had them and we are not simply moved by choice.

Prime Video / Getty Images

“It was my favorite moment,” said E, head of the show. News. “It simply came to our notice then. It was magical for the film and everything came together perfectly. “

It all came down to a full circle for Han, who revealed that he was “almost devoted” to the second book, It’s not summer without youIn 2010 in Swift.

“I was listening Fearless And I was, ‘These songs really helped me get to the finish line,’ “Han explained.

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