In “My Fake Boyfriend”, Rang Fu competes for her manhood

Rang Fu Taste the connection with the audience. “One of the things I enjoy most about performing is storytelling. One of the most satisfying things about a job is to be able to take the audience on a journey and reach some kind of new understanding or connection. “This bond is better if it can be created through comedy! Fast. As an actor, I can explore more extreme aspects of the human experience by keeping the character grounded and believable. It’s a fun challenge, and I love to make people laugh. ” You can now catch Rong as Jessica in the new romance of Amazon Prime, My fake boyfriend. “My fake boyfriend Life follows the story of Andrew, played by Keenan Lonsdale, who finds herself in a difficult situation following the advice of her unconventional best friend (Dylan Spruce) and uses social media to create a fake boyfriend to keep her horrible ex-boyfriend away from her life but everything turns upside down. When she meets the real love of her life and breaks up with her fake boyfriend, it becomes difficult. I play the character of Jessica who is a very passionate woman and will not take any for an answer! Inside My fake boyfriend, She attends the same cooking class as Andrew and soon realizes that both of them have eyes for their hot teacher Rafi. In the film, Jessica does what she can to identify her area and win Rafi’s heart. “Rong has never used social media to send a signal to an ex, but she has an Instagram dedicated to a great love.” Not active because I think it’s an unhealthy distraction for me. However, I have a secret Instagram account where I only follow restaurants and chefs because I’m a huge foodie. More importantly, to find out if my favorite restaurant has special or new menu items. Will be! ”

Jessica’s fascination with Rafi is easy to understand. “Have you seen Rafi?” He is fantastic, sensitive and an amazing chef. I think for Jessica (and me), she’s the whole package! Unfortunately for her, it doesn’t take long for her to feel the spark with someone else. “I think Jesse would be threatened if anyone dared to look at ‘her man.’ But really, she’s probably threatened by Andrew because she feels a real connection between him and Rafi. “In real life, color is much less advanced in romance.” My instinct is to hide whenever I’m close to a romantic interest. It comes down to people saying I have a crush. I’ll admit, I’m a coward. I hope Jessica’s courage could follow her romantic interests. ” With that said, he has a go at eating food that feels like a crush! “Red-braised pork belly, it’s a little time consuming and it’s my childhood favorite food. I think the combination of effort and meaning perfectly demonstrates my sincerity towards the person of my choice. ” My fake boyfriend June 17 premieres on Amazon Prime.

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In “My Fake Boyfriend”, Rang Fu competes for her manhood. Image copyright: Christina Rudick.