Husband of Julie Andrews: Everything to know about her 2 marriages

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Image Credit: Linda Spillers / AP / Shutterstock

Julie Andrews A shining star on stage and screen, whose career spans many decades. Below we break up her love life, which included the marriage of two men, Tony Walton and Blake Edwards,

Tony Walton Julie Andrews, Tony WaltonJulie Andrews and Tony Walton on their wedding day (Linda Spillers / AP / Shutterstock).

Julie married British set and costume designer Tony Walton on May 10, 1959 in Weybridge, Surrey. The The actress initially met Tony while he was acting Humpty Dumpty In 1948. Growing up, Julie often performed with her mother and stepfather, and, at the age of 13, she was the youngest actress to appear in a Royal Variety performance.

After meeting Tony and building a relationship with him, he descended into the corridor at the age of 24. They share a child, a girl named Emma, ​​who currently works as a children’s writer. Julie greeted Emma in 1962, just before she stardomed Mary Poppins. Tony significantly designed Mary Poppins’ iconic outfit for Flick.

The couple finally divorced in 1968, and Julie married director Blake Edwards (more on that below). Tony died on March 2, 2022. Although the couple hasn’t been married for a long time, Julie reflects on their love People After his death. “Tony was my dearest and oldest friend. He taught me to see the world with fresh eyes and his talent was just memorable. I will miss him more than I can say.”

He added, “We are a big, mixed family and we keep each other close,

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