How Victoria’s privacy: angels and demons sought the naked truth

How Victoria’s secret sets the standard of unreal beauty

Victoria’s Secret There was You have to put more pressure In recent years inventory has moved and the growing crowd has remained intimate in the clothing business.

And it had to put a lot more pressure on those things.

But the 45-year-old brand is also busy trying A remake of his image In a fast-moving retail landscape, hoping to make up for its painful slow Embrace variety of sizes While consumers were demanding more representative depictions of women’s bodies.

“We’ve changed,” read a company Instagram post from June 28th (As in This Years), “The Secret of the New Victoria.”

Marketing concerns aside, a Explosives 2020 New York Times Report Details of allegations of abuse, harassment and harassment by employees and models against the former top executive Ed RajekWho was with the parent company L Brand for 36 years and was instrumental in launching Victoria’s Secret fashion show, further clouding the brand’s future.

A spokesman for L-Brand’s parent company said in a statement Bar The company has made “significant progress” in improving corporate governance, workplace and compliance practices, saying “we are sorry for any instance in which we have not achieved this objective and are fully committed to continuous improvement and full accountability.” Rajek, who left the company in 2019, called the report’s allegations “clearly untrue, misunderstood or taken from context”.

Meanwhile there were models Demands change.


“It seems to be part of a story of a huge cultural change in a world where the world of top-down fashion and powerful designers and magazine editors is collapsing,

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