How the bimbo fairy made all our meme dreams come true

Better known as Raven Epps Bimbo Fairy, had a remarkable year. It all started with a whirlwind troubled marriage. “My husband actually started as one of my friends. After we started dating, we got married very quickly. Soon after, he would often go out with his friends until dawn. Things got pretty bad between us and she left me. I lost it after that. It felt like the person I married wasn’t the same person I was trying to reason with and get back to; He basically brushed me off for a while after that,” she recalls. This spousal ghost story couldn’t have happened at a worse time. “I had surgery last year, when he left, which was pretty rough.” The surgery left her in excruciating pain and unable to care for herself. “I didn’t realize how bad it would be. I was unable to move or shower by myself for months. It was really upsetting. I have asked him to help me many times, and he won’t. Then I started browsing her Instagram. He started following random girls and we knew the same guy. I could tell by looking at them that some of them were Tinder girls. I reached out to a few of them, who unfortunately confirmed it, even though she denied it at the time.” Feeling depressed and abandoned, Raven found comfort in memes. She created Bimbo Fairy as both a coping mechanism and a simple way to center herself. “Meme Page Started because I felt like I was flooding my friends’ inboxes with memes. I made the page so I wouldn’t feel like I was bothering them so much.” His body eventually recovered. Finally her husband returned. But the emotional wounds still throbbed. “I felt insulted and humiliated. It’s still hard. There are times where it’s clear I’m not on top of things.”

As her marriage hangs by a thread, her account catches fire. What started out as a consolation quickly became an event. “People started finding it randomly, which was great. In the last three or four months I think it’s more than doubled. It’s a positive thing that came out of something bad. I must have made a joke with my husband. I was like, ‘ Thank you so much for leaving me. It really helped me a lot with my page.’ At this point, I try to keep it up. Mostly because so many people reach out to me to thank me for helping them get through something difficult; they seem to enjoy it. I try to keep a general theme on the page for consistency and so people know. Can’t find what to look for. It still helps me.” Raven was shocked by the increase. “At first, I was really excited that some of the meme pages I’d been following for years. When I started waking up to a lot of activity, I thought, ‘What’s going on?’ I’ve never promoted the page. I have imposter syndrome with everything I do, so I often think, ‘Do they know they’re following my page? What am I doing?’ I feel the same way about work and my relationships. Regardless, it’s really great to see people enjoying it. I’m definitely glad something good came out of a really tough year.” It’s a welcome victory after decades of grief and a survival mindset. “In some ways, I started pulling bad cards at a young age. My father was murdered when I was a teenager. After that, I made terrible choices: hanging out with the wrong people. I did, did everything wrong. I think the way I choose relationships and partners might be connected to it. A few years later, my best friend died. These things are still hard to deal with, and sometimes, I feel that I Hardened in some ways. Eventually, you kind of go into survival mode. It’s bad, but it can be a good thing.”

The page became so popular that Raven decided to sell it Merchandise. “My mother inspired me to do it. He has always been really supportive and advised me to find a way to monetize the growth of the page So I thought, ‘Yes, but I don’t know what to do.’ I hate when meme pages show ads and stuff; It’s just a buzzkill. I decided I wanted to sell an actual product at 50% off and not just some vibrator. It started with a few notebooks and I ended up playing around with shirt designs as well. Surprisingly, people seemed to really like them, so I just kept going with it. I try to match the merchant with the voice of the page. If someone wants me to contribute in some way, I want to offer them a product they can actually care about.”

While the Bimbo Fairy feed is meant to be a source of laughter, Raven is also proud of her growth and boundaries, presenting her page personally for her. “When I was young, girls couldn’t talk about their experiences without being rebuffed or disbelieved. I think any girl who has gone through this kind of thing, one day, reaches a point where they are angry and resentful. Finally, you’re like, ‘I’m never going to let anything like that slide again. Just don’t take no shit from men, you know?” It’s mostly lighthearted, but he’s not afraid to express his views directly. “I’m not trying to push people or upset anybody. Every once in a while, I do something personal. Express faith. For example, I’ll post about police officers at events. I’ve had a lot of arguments with my friends about that kind of thing. I’ve tried to put a cap on it because, you know, nobody really wants to push my agenda on them and I respect that. But every once in a while, if I see a really funny meme that has to do with something like law enforcement, I think, ‘Yeah, that’s going on there,'” he laughs. His growing audience is always in the back of his mind. ” As the page grows, I’m aware that a lot of people are looking at my stuff, so I’m trying to be more aware of what I post. Unfortunately, there are some people who want to cause trouble on my page. do Before that I have to follow you for five weeks. People will take the time out of their day to find a page they disagree with and attack it; They think I need to be put in my place. They’ll send me a nasty message, attack me as a person or make really weird comments. There are many such people.”

Through it all, Page has come together in an absurdly funny and wholeheartedly supportive family. “Yesterday, someone responded to one of my stories, which was a selfie, and said: ‘Our president.’ I love to see things like that. It’s a weirdly supportive little community,” laughs Raven. “So I definitely want to continue that. It really makes me happy that there are people who feel like they are in an inclusive environment, where they are understood and not alone in what they are doing. They can laugh about it somehow. do you know The good messages I get are what make it worth it: when people tell me they’re struggling and after they read my page, it really helped them, even though it’s ridiculous. I hope to continue the page and see what it turns out to be.” In life’s darkest days, Bimbo Fairy is waiting with outstretched arms and a new batch to cheer you on.

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How the bimbo fairy made all our meme dreams come true. Photo credit: Courtesy of Raven Epps.