How Nicole Elodie Uses Spiritual Guidance for Help and Healing

To follow his true destiny, Nicole Elodie (aka @thehighpriestess11) had to be reborn first. “I’ve always been intuitive, but ignored my gifts all my life because I didn’t believe in myself. In 2020, I had a spiritual awakening and walked in the experience. I felt my old self die and a new version of me join my body. This new version of me came with a very intense psychic gift and channeling ability that refused to be ignored. It has turned my life upside down, but I am grateful for every moment of it. After that experience, my spirit guides became very vocal and urged me to ‘go to work’ and use my gifts to help others,” says Nicole. We must acknowledge our own power before we can open ourselves up to healing. “We are the creators of our lives and we are powerful. It is important to know that before we decided to come into the world, we agreed with our experience beforehand. We chose our parents, our bodies, our experiences, everything. It means we can overcome these things and find joy while on earth.”

Nicole relied on a higher power throughout a particularly difficult time in her life and learned to trust the universe. “When my life fell apart in 2020, during my spiritual awakening, all I had was God and my higher self. I had no money for food or rent. All I had was faith and every time I needed something, the universe provided. I had a crash course in how to have faith, you might say. I know if I can get through that time, I can get through anything with faith alone.” Now, she uses these lessons to help her clients. It all starts with one basic principle. “First know that everything is Energy. You have an energy body and just like your physical body, if you want to change your life and fill your life with good energy, that energy body needs to be cleansed daily. A daily sea salt bath or shower will cleanse your energy body and Raising your vibration is crucial. Next, listen to yourself and your emotions. Trust your intuition. You are capable, strong and smart. You can change your life for the best.”

He feels motivated to lend his knowledge to others so they can avoid the same fate he once faced. “I absolutely love helping people. I’ve suffered a lot in my life and I don’t want anyone to suffer the way I did, so I try my best to help them get out of their own pain.” However, his earlier struggles provided the blessing to catalyze his philanthropic endeavors. ” I know that crash course in faith was necessary because I learned a lot. When you lose everything, you learn a lot. Having these abilities over time and seeing my predictions show up time after time, I have proven to myself that what I see and what I Feeling is real. So I guess you could say I’ve proven it to myself. My confidence in guiding others also comes from the changes my clients tell me about, they follow my advice and their lives change for the better. There was a lot of trial and error on my end. I didn’t believe in myself 100% at the beginning of my journey so it’s okay if you don’t believe in yourself.”

Helping every human to find peace is his biggest dream. “I want the world to be a better place. I know deep down that I am here on a mission, a mission to help one person at a time until the end, the world changes. I think we underestimate our ability to change the world because we don’t fully understand how energy works.” As he does this, his own spiritual path continues to bend toward enlightenment. “I feel like I’m growing and changing every day. . I don’t know exactly where this path leads, but I have so much faith that slowly but surely, it will lead me and others to experience joy for all the people of the world.” We can all hope that every journey in our lives will lead us to such a place.

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How Nicole Elodie Uses Spiritual Guidance for Help and Healing Photo credit: Courtesy of Nicole Elodie.