How does Drake feel about the former Rihanna’s pregnancy with A $ AP Rocky?

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Drake 'Top Boy' TV Show Premiere, London, UK - 04 September 2019

Chatsworth, CA - Drake and Michael B. Jordan have come out to support Brunei James, Amari Bailey and the Sierra Canyon varsity basketball squad to play their final game of the season.  Drake shows a lot of emotion during the game;  Laughing, screaming frantically at the ref and cheering on his boys as they fall short of being eliminated from the regional playoffs.  Interestingly enough Drake made her feel known as a fashion figure as she wore ‘fuck you’ printed jeans near her crotch.  At the end of the game, he showed his love for Amari Bailey who had a great season.  Photo: Drake, Michael B.  Jordan, Brunei James, Amari Bailey, Savannah James Backgrid USA 17 June 2021 Byline Must Read: ShotbynYP / Backgrid USA: +1 310 798 9111 / usasales @ K2043 / backgrid. * UK Client - Pictures with children please pixelate the face before publishing *

Compulsory Credit: Casey Athena / London Entertainment / Shutterstock Compulsory Credit: Photo Casey Athena / London Entertainment / Shutterstock (12072771ac) Drake and son Adonis Graham Sierra Canyon v. Corona Centennial, CIF Southern , Kallis, Kallis, Kallis - 11 June 2021

Rihanna34, he has been in town ever since Announced her pregnancy With a boyfriend of about two years, A $ AP RockyJanuary 33, 31 When fans were thrilled for Rihanna, Speaking of wanting kids In the past, they were also worried about her ex-boyfriend, Drake, 35, he was notoriously head over heels for her. Now, a source close to Drake has opened up to Hollywoodlife about how the Canadian rapper feels about the news.

Drake made it known again in 2016 that he had always had one thing for Rihanna. But a few years ago he realized their journey Reached the end Because their paths have gone in different directions, ”the source explained. Drake famously admits that he liked her Indigenous people of Barbados Over the years Michael Jackson presented her at the Video Vanguard Awards 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. “I’ve been in love with him since I was 22,” he said Says.

Rihanna and DrakeDrake escorts Rihanna to the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards (Photo: Shutterstock)

The interior continued, “When Rihanna announced that she was pregnant, He had mixed emotions. Of course, she was happy for him because she knew he always wanted children. But at one point, Drake saw his future with Rihanna so it was more certain that there was no future for them. “He added that Drake texted his ex to congratulate her after announcing her pregnancy.

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