How Bray Taisi is preparing for motherhood by balancing all her business

Bray Taisi Foods About Nick Cannon Having 8th Child

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For Bre Tiesi, it’s not personal. It’s just business.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, the model knew early in life that if she wanted to be successful she had to put her emotions aside. “Hurry up here is a different level,” says Tiesi E! News. “So you just have to do it. How much worse do you want it? Your ego, your emotions and your feelings are more important than your success? Because I didn’t have to.”

Doing so means slowly building an empire of your own, adding investors, businessmen, fitness influencers and real estate agents to a stacked biography that included time on the MTV series almost a decade ago. Wild N Out-Where he meets Nick Cannon. In January, the “On and off” They have announced the pair In anticipation of a baby boyTiesi’s first and Cannon’s eighth child.

Now, Taisi is preparing for motherhood and how it can change her generally unemotional attitude towards business.

“I think my little one is going to be a little different now, but we’ll see,” said the 31-year-old. “You can play with the big boys when you’re not emotional and it turns it all out. I definitely saw a huge change in my career when I got emotional. “

When TC first had success as a model as a teenager,

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