Honored toddler and tear star Kylia Posey at Celebration of Life

In Memory: Fallen Stars of 2022

Kylie Posey is still the queen of her beloved’s heart.

Friends and family Baby and tiaras The star gathered May 14 to pay tribute to the 16-year-old deceased who took his own life earlier this month.

A special celebration of life was held and live-streamed at North County Christ the King Church in Linden, Wash. Church website. A huge crowd, including more than 700 virtual participants, gathered to share photos, videos and personal stories of the teenager.

People Reportedly, Kylie’s brother Jaden Kai held back tears when he remembered rooting for his sister in a beauty contest, just as he did in his own football games, saying, “I just wanted her to know that she had someone and I always did. I was there for him. ”

The reception is over and a selfie booth in honor of “Kylie’s love of selfies”.

May 2, Kylie’s mother, Marcy Posey Gatorman Confirmed teenage beauty queen is deadSays he has “no words or thoughts.”

“I have no words or thoughts,” he wrote Facebook, As well as a photo of his daughter. “A beautiful baby girl is gone. Peace give us privacy because we are mourning Kylie’s loss. My baby is forever.”

The next day, her family reported that Kylie had committed suicide.

“Although she was a skilled teenager with a bright future ahead of her, unfortunately at an incredible moment, she quickly decided to end her earthly life,” the family confirmed in a statement. TMZ.

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