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Today we would like to share 5 steps to guarantee you payment as a freelancer. The role of freelancers is growing in popularity because people want a more flexible approach to work. Instead of working for a company and being forced to work certain hours, you can work for yourself. Go there and find new clients, set your own rates and schedule your own.

There are many benefits to freelancing, but it also comes with some concerns. Initially, you may be worried about getting paid for your work. Some freelancers will wait a few months before seeing any money from clients. In extreme cases, you may not be able to pay at all.

However, these issues usually affect new freelancers. Why? Because you are not aware of the steps to ensure payment as soon as possible So, follow these tips to avoid money laundering by stupid clients:

Make a deal

Get paid as a freelancer

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Every freelancer needs to draw some basics Freelance agreement Pay clients when services are offered. They do not need to be fancy, they are basically a contract that the client will pay for your services.

Your agreement should include:

  • Full details of what you are doing
  • A timeline describes when the work should be delivered
  • How much money are you taking for the project
  • Expect when you will be ready
  • How the client can pay

If you send it and have the client sign it – with yourself – you have created a legally binding document. This can be used as proof if the client does not pay you or tries to pull the payment out of the initially due date.

Create and send invoices

Invoices are used to show clients exactly how much they owe and when you need to pay. If you do not send an invoice, a client may argue that they do not know what the final bill will be. They may claim that you are waiting for them to send the invoice, which is why they did not pay.

If you do business online, you can use the invoice software to help clients send automated emails when they’re done. Alternatively, you can download a professional Invoice template And send it to the client yourself. In both cases, make sure your invoices are exactly what they owe, when they are due, and how they can pay.

Follow-up when you hear nothing

Sending your initial invoice is not always enough for customers to pay you. Most of the time, you will be paid as soon as the invoice is out. However, clever clients can try to drag things out as long as possible.

Sometimes, it is not done maliciously or intended to tear you apart. May be a business with clients Cash flow problems, And they’re worried that paying you now could put their money in trouble. Sending follow-up emails to remind them of their pay is a good idea for two reasons.

One: It gives some clients a friendly reminder, which may motivate them to pay you. It’s entirely possible that they just forgot because they were so busy.

Two: This enables you to write a conversation with the client and arrange the next payment date if necessary.

If they still haven’t paid, you’ll have to bother them until the money arrives. You can threaten legal action if things get out of hand and they don’t pay you when they sign a contract.

Implement a simple payment system

Make it easy for clients to pay you. For example, accept payments through bank transfers or other convenient and common means. PayPal has always been popular with freelancers because it is so easy for clients to use. All they need is your PayPal email address, and the money is sent in an instant.

It also helps if you have Clients all over the world. PayPal – and other payment systems – are universal, so you can pay in any currency and get instant payments. Make life easier for your clients and you will see faster payments.

Charge in advance

Another way to guarantee you payment is to charge clients in advance. Now, it may not appeal to some clients, but there is a way to get more out of this method Just offer a discount on your services for better payments!

They pay you in advance so you feel safe and they benefit from a discount. These steps will help you get paid by your clients with minimal issues. Of course, there is a major step to go in summary. Your life is much easier if you Research your clients Before agreeing on any project. Check if they are legitimate, see if there are reports of withholding payments from other freelancers. If you are convinced that you are doing business with a trusted client, you are less likely to be paid.

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