Halsey suffered food poisoning before performing at a UK festival

Halsey revealed multiple diagnoses after being hospitalized

Halsey Have a travel nightmare.

The “Bad at Love” singer revealed they are recovering from a nasty lawsuit Food poisoning While in the UK for the Reading and Leeds Festivals.

“I have no idea how I’m still alive after setting my leads,” Halsey wrote on them Instagram stories 27 August. “I still have terrible food poisoning! It started at 2pm yesterday and I somehow made it onto the stage (after the festival’s medical team were very helpful!) ”

Halsey explained that they “played the show under some”Random state“in the past, but it was “the worst in recent memory.”

“It felt like I was on Jupiter the whole time,” they said. “Thank you for being so calm and letting me basically do whatever it takes to survive on set! You guys can be an unreal crowd in any situation let alone. Time to rest now 4 reading tomorrow.”

Later on their IG feed, Halsey shared an update, posting the festival, “It didn’t really start the way I pictured it.” They also included a video of them recreating the medical treatment and performance the night before. In a voice over, they described the experience of food poisoning as “not freaking f-king chill”.


In another post, Halsey shared a Photo carouselSnap them, including a selfie 14 month old son Ender and a close-up of the singer’s bloodied and bandaged hand with an IV. The star captioned it, “24hrs of absolute “wtf” ‼️tw: blood 4th slide.”

Earlier this year, Halsey opened up about them Ongoing health complications related to endometriosis and revealed that they were “in and out” of the hospital.

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