Gavin Haley has romanticized a bad relationship in the new single, “Mine”

Its seeds Gavin HaleyIts appreciation for music is planted young. “I always like music. I came from Louisville, Kentucky and I grew up in a church. I think looking back, one of the main things that helped me get those long services when I was younger was that I loved the musical material. And I grew up in a church that was very big, so the bands were always high production. And yes, I fell in love with the song at first. I always listened to music, especially Christian music, and I joined a choir when I was about 12, and I just fell in love with singing. But at the time, I was cycling a lot, and that kind of took my life. I have been running after that career for a long time. I moved to Europe for the winter. Between the ages of 16 and 19, I would spend the whole winter there running a game called Cyclocross. I picked up a guitar in that time, in 15-16 years, and that would be my downtime. It was therapeutic for me. So, over time, my passion for music only grew and grew and grew and I started to branch out with my musical tastes and started listening to many more artists. I think back in my mind, I knew I always wanted to make music, but I didn’t know I wanted it to be a career. As I got closer to writing, and my personal journey to understanding myself, I knew I had to follow it. I stopped doing athletics for some multiple reasons, but music was always the main driver.

He feels that songs act as a portal to feelings and memories. “I mean, it just lets me feel … it lets me avoid what I’m feeling or feeling more. I think music is special in a way where you can use it to avoid pain, or you can use it to remind people and moments. I think it’s timeless, the way you can hear it and come back to that moment. It’s something that has always been with me, you know? Can’t imagine life without music. Whether I’m just going through something, or just enjoying it more, it’s always been a part of my daily life, even if it’s just humming or whistling and making my life better. And it really connects my soul to being here. “

Nostalgia is the central theme of Gavin’s new single, “My”. “This song is an explosion. It’s a joke. It’s great driving music. I can’t wait to make it live. I’m really attached to its message, to what I’m doing in my life right now, and I think it’s something that a lot of people feel but don’t really talk about. Sometimes walking away from a bad situation is not easy. Sometimes it’s hard to connect with someone and admit that it doesn’t feed your soul or that it’s not compatible for long-term things. When you walk away from a bad situation, often you only remember the good parts, because that is what we humans like to do. We want to imagine things or be romantic. And ‘mine’ is about that feeling. This tendency to romanticize people and space is a normal human habit. “I believe we want to believe in the best of things. I think people always make up their minds about what things are, not what they are, because we always want to imagine that things are best for us. And we want to imagine that someone we find physically appealing or calm will be able to fill in the gaps in a lot of things that we haven’t been able to grow up with. I think people like to imagine that places are better than them because without it, there would be nothing to wait for. I think human nature is waiting for things because we get bored so easily. And that’s why we’ve made so much progress. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. But I think people are always looking to the future or the past and they have a lot of trouble staying in the present and being aware of what’s going on around them. “

However, when it comes time to move on from the relationship, trying to hold things back can make the situation sticky. It’s best to rely on your support system and find ways to process emotions in a healthy way. “I say talk to your friends, talk to the people around you. Try your best to focus a little on yourself. Spend a few days alone, really alone, and see how you feel. You know, I think when people are in a bad situation, often you just get tired. If you can go a few days to focus on yourself and see how much energy you have, then you are more likely to be physically and mentally healthy. To me it’s a sign of giving up. I think writing is another big thing. It’s not even a good-evil type thing, but write the way that person feels about you. And write down how they make you feel bad. Write down how they make you feel good. Write your favorite things about them. Do you want to be with this person when you grow up? Do you want this person to be part of your family? I think ask yourself a bigger question, because when you put it in that perspective, I think it’s easier to make difficult decisions. “

Gavin’s upcoming album, I hate you don’t leave me, Self-discovery and the anxiety that often surrounds that process. “I think it’s just that I’m being more introspective. Not just about relationships, because a lot of my writing in the past has been about relationships. My last project, ‘Bike Rides Alone’, was more about the issues in my life. But I think I did it in a way – not just asking questions about the world, but respecting the issues I struggle with. The song ‘Heroes’ is a song that I really ask my idols, my heroes and the people I am looking at, if they feel like me. Do they find it difficult to find balance, or to be patient, to be motivated? It’s becoming more specific with my own insecurity with the world and relationships. And I also chose different ideas. I am proud of the versatility of the concept in this album. I think it has something for everyone, and, you know … you have dance music, you have elements of feeling, which is ideal for me. I’m proud of it. “Tracks are a stream of consciousness.” I wrote these songs in real time. I would literally fight with someone, or I would go through something and go to the studio and talk. I think in the past, I wrote things before they happened or even after they happened. Was, ‘No, I’m going to the studio and writing about it right away,’ which is hard because you have to trust the people you’re making it with. And it’s about the people around you. But with this album, I really believe in my writers. “

Outside of music, she wants to explore fashion in the future. “I’m really looking forward to more hops in the fashion world. I’m looking forward to getting back on the road and doing album songs. The last few years have passed, but in other words, not being able to do what I love has been so long. I was able to go on a short tour with Tate McRae this year, which really renewed my love for music and made me realize that I should go back there immediately. That’s all I really live for. Yes, and just growing up and my artistry in different lanes. I’ve really found a new love for style in the last year and a half / two and am trying to see where it takes me. I was also open to acting. I am really looking forward to everything that allows me to express myself the most and feel fulfilled as a human being. All in all, I’m looking forward to seeing this album come out and see how the world takes it. We can’t wait to see what Gavin does next. Pre-save I hate you don’t leave me Here!

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Gavin Haley has romanticized a bad relationship in the new single “My”. Photo credit (in order): Brandon Jordan and Khufu Nazi.