Find out if hair extensions actually damage the hair

If you have ever considered extending your hair like a clip-on or tape-in, you can definitely jump on the internet to do your research. While the internet is a good source of all kinds of information, there is a lot of content on the internet that you should not blindly believe, and there is an undoubted myth about hair extensions that they can seriously damage your hair.

Myths and misconceptions

While hair extensions were relatively new to the fashion industry, they were met with a ton of negative press for a variety of reasons. The underlying reasons for the perception of hair loss due to extensions are probably due to the fact that many women with thin and brittle hair are big customers of hair extensions for obvious reasons. Although they wear extensions because of their thin hair, the media wanted it to be the other way around.

Does hair extensions damage your hair?

The simple answer to this looming question is that hair extensions do not cause the slightest damage to your hair. If anything, they do not disturb or affect your natural hair They are provided professionally planted and cared for.

Although in the past the only popular option for hair extensions was clip-ins which were often visible from the seams and due to the nature of their application put pressure on your natural hair, such new options Remy tape on hair extensions Cause no strain at your roots.

Permanent hair extensions actually do some damage to your natural hair line, however, temporary hair does not hurt at all. Temporary hair extensions are probably the safest form of all the solutions available to temporarily lengthen or thicken your hair, if they are installed properly and professionally.

How To Securely Apply Hair Tape To Hair Extensions

Tape for hair extensions lasts for 6-12 weeks. If you take good care of your hair, brush it often and do not apply too much oil to the hair. To make sure there is no harm in your extensions, it is very important that you apply them safely and you can either get it done by a hairdresser or learn to do it yourself.

If you want to go to a technician, be sure to choose one that has reputable and established clients for hair extensions. Meeting an amateur hair stylist will not do you or your extensions any good.

However, if you want to apply the tape extensions yourself, you need to wash your hair thoroughly and start drying it completely. Next, you will mark a spot on your head about an inch away from the nape of your neck and create a horizontal section. You need to tie them away from the top of your hair so that they do not get in the way of your extensions.

You will then take the manageable small part of your hair, place the extensions under them and then apply the tape over that part using a plier for long lasting application. Repeat this for the rest of your body and brush down to reveal beautiful, long and thick hair.


While using hair extensions is a fashion statement for many, it can be a necessity for those who suffer from thin and brittle hair. Myths and speculations about hair extensions should not prevent you from using them and only use knowledgeable and trusted websites for information.

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