Fashionista Caroline Vazana showcases her new clothing collection and food on Snapchat

Caroline friedHeart pounding for NYC. “There are a lot of things I love, but one of my favorites is that even if you’re alone, you’re not really alone. I can spend a few hours walking around alone, finding new shops or places to eat. Every corner has inspiration and I find myself. I want to create and explore every day because there is always something to see and do! ” She was immediately drawn to the fashion world, but it was easier said than done. Caroline faced the challenge, she was not afraid to make statements. There weren’t many manufacturers who liked the color.Most of them were minimalist and I could easily try to wear what was ‘cool’ and just blend in, but that’s not me.I am true to myself, my style and my big glasses – And in the end I think it paid off! ” Anything can be a source of inspiration to her casual style. ”I walk down a random street and see a color or a print that makes me think about something in my closet. I always take quick pictures of my inspiration and save them when I I get back to my closet and have time to check and try different things.In the beginning, there was definitely a boss when I was working Enjoy the tin Those who just had a great style and they inspired me when I first started and took risks. “

Her fans have seen her unique look, even calling her “the modern day Carrie Bradshaw”. Needless to say, Caroline knows full well that it’s a lot to survive! “It’s really the biggest compliment, but it can also be a little scary at times. I mean, I have the biggest and most glamorous shoes. Fortunately with the term ‘modern day’, I have paved the way for my own version of Carrie Bradshaw and perhaps what her life would be like today. I think we can all agree that Carrie would be a content creator if she started today, but it was fun to create a community that compares me to the ultimate style icon, then shows them my journey and it wasn’t always glamorous “obviously Something is working.He has caught the attention of the brand and recently launched one Collection of new capsule clothing with INSPR. “I contacted INSPR about creating a capsule collection together in late 2020 and it was truly a dream. Design is definitely something that has always been on the board of my dreams, but I wasn’t sure if it would ever be possible. ” I wanted to capture the essence, although I made it wearable and accessible to everyday people. I honestly learned so much from the project that I would love to remember when future design collaborations come my way! ”

Caroline must be busy! She has written a book about breaks in the fashion industry called It is being made in ManhattanAfter that Blog Of the same name. But even the author himself is finding out! “Even for me, I’m still making it in Manhattan, I haven’t made it perfectly yet. I think you need to find your niche; find what you like and run with it! Really hard work! This art is part of your life You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You may not be able to remember what you said, but people will remember how they treated you so well. Is doing and of course, no one is designing her wedding dress except Christian Siriano. ”Christian is a person I have admired for years so working on my wedding dress is a dream come true. It is definitely a collaborative effort. Working with Christian is incredible. And so talented. At our initial design meeting, I came in with some ideas and inspirational pictures and he started sketching. I can’t wait to share the final outfit soon! His new Snapcha T series has also been launched! “I’ve been Snapchat for years so I was really excited when I was contacted to start a series with them. It’s called ‘The Fashionista’ and it will be an extension of my content, style advice, daily vlogs and closet tours! I’m excited to connect with a whole new audience through Snapchat! ” Caroline is getting the taste of taking as big a bite from the Big Apple as possible.

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Fashionista Caroline Vazana has her new clothing collection and dishes in the Snapchat series. Photo credit: Courtesy of Caroline Vajana.