2022 August dear

Greetings! How is everyone’s week going so far? I’ve rounded up my August favorites to share with you today Right now I’m especially loving some new finds and old favorites.

2022 Fall Fashion Trends: Tops and Sweaters

Are you sick of my Fall 2022 fashion trends series yet? I hope not, because today we’re talking about the tops and sweaters trends for fall 2022. I’ve rounded up seven different trends we’re seeing in tops and sweaters this season.

Fall 2022 Handbag Trends

Happy Friday, friends! As we return to the theme of fall trends today, I am going to tackle the fall 2022 handbag trends. As with denim and shoe trends, we’re seeing a Y2K fashion revival with handbags. Think Lorelai Gilmore, Elle Woods and Carrie Bradshaw.

What I’ve been wearing lately is vol. 85

Well, friends. We’re deep into the lazy, hazy days of summer, and I’m at the point where I can wear the same three outfits on rotation until it gets cold enough to start breaking in my fall wardrobe… and I probably can. All that to say, this version of what I’ve been wearing lately should probably look like the last one, but this is real life I’m living here, so that’s what I’m showing for it!