Eva Mendes shares Ryan Gosling “An Incredible Cook”

Eva Mendes shared a rare video taken by her and Ryan Gosling’s kids

Peers in the kitchen.

Eva Mendes He and long-term partners revealed Ryan Gosling When it comes to household chores, share the responsibilities, acknowledge that he or she is complete. “The kitchen is whimsical

“Ryan Chef. She is an incredible chef, ”he said People In a profile published May 13. “I think there’s a really nice balance between ‘you cook, I clean’. And it only works for us. “

Eva, 48, said she thought it was therapeutic to keep dishes clean.

“Life is very chaotic. But one thing I can control My house, my kitchen“She shared.” So it’s meditative for me when I make meals. It goes deeper than it really cleans. It really gives me clarity. A clean sink is like a clean mind for me. “

The Hitch The star explained that growing up in a small apartment with a lot of people complimented her when everything was fine.

“When the house was clean, it was like, ‘Hey, I feel better,'” he shared. “Everyone felt good. So for me, it’s really emotional. ”

Eva and Ryan — who started dating in 2011, shortly before they started acting together The Place Beyond the PinesTheir kitchen routine may have been broken, but when it came down to it, things weren’t so smooth. To entertain their daughters Esmeralda7, and Loved it6, time home Coronavirus Epidemic lockdown.

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“Our kids were at such a difficult age that they couldn’t see other kids and interact with people.

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