Elton John admits he was ‘worried’ Britney Spears would be too ‘nervous’

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Elton John received a star on the Walk of Fame in November 1975 Elton John 1975

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Elton John is a different personality

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Elton John75, was “concerned”. Britney Spears40, wouldn’t be ready to record a remix of his smash 1971 hit “Tiny Dancer,” “hold me close”, he revealed in a September 1 interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe. “I think he was very flexible at first, because I think he was nervous, but he went to the studio in Los Angeles. I was in England, he went to the studio with Andrew Watt, who is my friend and producer,” he explained. However, he said Britney got back into the groove of things “so well and so easily.”

He continued, “And I’m sure a lot of people thought, ‘Well can he still sing?’ Well, I knew at first that he could sing because if you go back and watch the old footage, he was the biggest artist in the world and he could sing, he could dance, he could do everything. So I wasn’t worried about it. What I was worried about was if he would be so nervous because he hadn’t done it in a while, but he came through it with flying colors.”

Elton John performingElton John said he was ‘worried’ about Britney getting ready to record music, not that she’s lost her talent (Image: Shutterstock)

An insider close to the “Toxic” singer previously revealed to HollywoodLife that Britney was in no rush to release music, including her Elton collaboration, because she wanted to be completely confident in her work before releasing it to the world. “Britney is a huge perfectionist when it comes to her music, so until she feels the song is 100% ready,

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