Drew Barrymore responds to death threats from ‘Selma Blair’ on her show: ‘I would

Drew Barrymore invited Selma Blair Blair, 50, had a powerful “healing moment” on her talk show after writing about a series of “death threat” letters sent to Barrymore signed in her name. The Legally blonde And cruel intention The star detailed the shocking incident in his book The Mean Child: Memories of Growing Uprevealing that the letters in question were actually from the girlfriend of her late estranged father, Elliot Beitner.

“I heard from a detective who said, ‘We know it’s not you’…’ But someone is writing a letter to Drew Barrymore, a poison pen letter signed by Selma Blair,'” she explained on the Sept. 14 episode. The Drew Barrymore Show. “When [my father] Found out it was her, she chose him and didn’t believe me. He said, ‘No he’s not doing it, you’re ruining his life, you put a mickey in his drink at Starbucks.’ I was like, ‘I’m in New York, I’ve never met him,'” Selma explained.

Drew Barrymore and Selma Blair sit down on Drew’s talk show. (CBS)

Drew confirmed that the letters “didn’t come to me”, but learned about the incident after reading Selma’s book. “Then I got your book and then I was like, ‘F*** this, I’m going after him, I want to heal this moment,'” The sometime later actress He said in an emotional moment. “Because it wasn’t real for me because I would never doubt you and actually I was a total fan of yours,” he added.

Towards the end of Selma, the incident—in addition to another—forced her to sever her relationship with her father.

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