Doza Cat calls Noah Schnapp the unfamiliar thing to share their private DM

Doja cats are thirsty after this Stranger Things star

Doja cat His DMs want to stay low-low.

The “that’s why” singer, 26, shared that she was not seduced later Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp July 7 posted a screenshot of their private conversation on his TikTok account, where Doza asked the teenager to contact her co-star Joseph Quinn.

In the DM, which Noah deleted from his TikTok, Doja wrote, “Noah can you call Joseph a humu? Don’t wait. Does he have a girlfriend?”

After Noah’s encouragement The planet is his From the singer “Slide between his DMs“I don’t know his Instagram or Twitter,” he replied. He has no DM to slide. “

Noah’s tick went viral and Dozer’s messages about Joseph were discussed on social media. Although many thought the 17-year-old TickTock video was made in a humorous way, Doza was unhappy with his post and criticized him for sharing them. Personal conversation With the public.

That same night, Doza was live on him Tick ​​tock The account encourages his followers to record his conversation about Noah so they can post it online.

“First let’s try to calm down about it,” he begins. “To be fair, It’s like a baby. I don’t know how old he is, but there’s no way he’s over 21. “

He continued, “When you’re that young, you’re wrong. You’re not dumb. I’m trying to be super fair. You build relationships with people, you make mistakes — like you’re supposed to do so in the future.”

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