DeVore Ledridge celebrates with new clothing collections

For Divorce LedridgeGrowing up strangely in rural Kentucky “Just what you would expect. Very conservative and very fair. You had to comply at any cost,” they recall. “I knew other weird people in my town, but no one dared to come out. We were scared. “I got serious harassment and bullying. At school, I heard that teachers were fired for being gay. I was scared enough to be alone. For so long I felt guilty about my sex because religion plays such a big role in my daily life.” The actor chose hard to take a step back from their careers to get back to know who they really were. Time away from the spotlight has worked wonders. “Taking a break was not my ideal situation, but after much self-assessment I knew That was the best decision. I have removed unhealthy relationships from my life and started to have helpful and improved relationships that have helped me to be the person I am now. I have healed many traumas that have prevented me from taking on rich opportunities for my life and career. I thought taking a break would hold me back, but in reality, it helped me find so much love and positivity in my life! ”

As a bizarre non-binary creator, DeVore felt he had a responsibility to be an ambitious beacon for other bizarre young people by sharing their front stories on social media. “I personally think we need to be presented in the media as much as possible! Education in diverse communities, especially for young people, is now much more available than it was a few years ago. Even now, there are plenty of people in different situations who do not have direct access to education, resources or assistance. When I was in middle school and discovering my sexuality, I learned about the LGBTQ + community when I saw strange YouTubers who helped me find comfort and solace with my identity. And if I can only be that person for a kid, why not share the story of my coming out? They certainly have the visibility to do it, having collected nearly 3 million TikTok followers, a fact that still pushes them away. “I want to say that I am extremely grateful for the life they have given me to live. If it weren’t for them, I would still be away from my support, my family and friends in Kentucky. All I wanted when I was younger was a group of friends who loved, cared for and supported me. I found that group of friends among my followers on TikTok. I can’t ask for a better, more educated and kind group to follow me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! “

Now, they are working with companies to spread pride and give back. They are brand new Collection with soundoff Streetwear clothing features celebrate recognition and collaboration with interchangeable patches. “I’ve partnered with the ‘Soundoff’ company for the month of Pride, as well as to design a complete red clothing collection every day throughout the year! When I was designing the patches to go with the outfit, I wanted to include every sexuality and flag in the community. I created these to include so that weird people as well as friends could all wear them! I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to partner with nonprofits Outright Action InternationalThose who work directly with the United Nations to create security and pass laws protecting diverse people around the world! ” DeVore was delighted to be able to design their own collection and see their first love again. “All my life, my mother has had two clothing stores. I spent a lot of my childhood picking clothes and dressing up manicins on the sales floor! Even before I started acting, I wanted to go to school to design clothes and work in the fashion industry. Obviously my career has taken a different turn and I am very happy to be working in the television / film industry. But I always secretly wanted to get my hands on some kind of clothing line design. So when this opportunity came, I was on the moon. This is one of the funniest projects I’ve had in recent years! The proud line should inspire those who wear it to feel exactly it. “As funny as it is to say, I hope they feel so confident in clothing and proud to be part of the LGBTQ community! We are empathetic, resilient, strong, beautiful and strong! I hope people will remember how far we have come as a community and be reminded to spread positivity and empower each other. ”

To those out there who don’t feel accepted, DeVore underscores the importance of finding a chosen family. “If you don’t feel accepted or promoted in your current environment, look elsewhere. Be it an online friend, an LGBTQ + club at school, or a weird mentor in your community! There is support for you, it may not be where you expect it to be! Unfortunately, we live in a world where society tells us how we should love, think, dress, or behave. But the truth is we are all born as individuals to be what we are, to improve and to love unconditionally. My DMs are always open to support anyone. You should always feel free and encouraged to reach out to me. ” Like any Starler queer role model, they want you to know that you are never alone and that you should always be loved.

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DeVore Ledridge celebrates with new clothing collections. Photo credit: Courtesy of DeVore Ledridge.