Derek Huff’s ‘Really Special’ Proposal Plan Revealed: How He Surprised Haley

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Hailey Erbert, Derek Huff 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Prime Video Celebration, Los Angeles, USA - 17 September 2018

Hailey Erbert and Derek Huff premiere of 'Top Song: Maverick', San Diego, USA - 04 May 2022

Derek Huff and Hailey Arbert 'Ambulance' Film Premiere, Los Angeles, California, USA - 04 April 2022

Derek Huff37, and Hailey Arbert27, is Employed After dating for seven years! Hollywood Life spoke to the man who designed the proposal and brought it to life, Troy Williams Of Simply Troy Lifestyle + Event, Exclusive to know all the details behind the special moment. “I’m very proud of how it turned out, and I adore them and love them very much. It happened in their living room,” he snapped.

The first secret Troy spread was that when the happy couple announced the news on June 2, Derek fell to his knees on May 23! He then revealed where it happened. “He told me he wanted candles and there were 250 candles. It was really touching to be able to do that and surprise her in their own living room, ”he noted. Candles and flowers were provided by the Los Angeles-based flower shop Bloom. He added that Derek and Hailey were out of their house for eight hours to make sure their living room was furnished and ready for the big surprise. According to Troy, Derek popped the question as soon as they entered. He was there to see the sweet moment seen above, captured by a New York City-based photographer, Workshop of the year.

Troy further revealed that it was not an easy feat to pull off the surprise, even though Hailey was far away from her home due to the space being decorated. “It’s very difficult to pull one over on Hailey. One of his best friends and I was playing something behind the scenes.

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