Daughter of Naomi Judd: They’re sorry to hear anything about Ashley and Vainona

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Naomi Jude CMA Music Festival, Day 4, Nashville, USA - June 10, 2018

Jude Winona Jude, left, and her mother, Naomi, from Nashville, performing during the Tene Country Music Association Awards show.  Judas won the award for the best pair of the year WYNONNA NAOMI JUDD

JUDD Naomi Judd, left, and daughter Waynona pull out their farewell concert, Murfreesboro, on Wednesday night.  Naomi is leaving the country successfully due to chronic hepatitis H. Judas, Murfreesboro, USA

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Naomi Jude Was the proud mother of two daughters, Ashley Judd54, and Winona Jude, 57, spanning 76 years of his life. At the time, they mourned the tragic death of the country’s singer Issued a statement April 30, announces “Tragedy”.

“Today we sisters are facing a tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother to mental illness, “the statement said Auxiliary printing press. “We are devastated. We are navigating deep grief and knowing that as much as we loved him, he was loved by his people. We are in an unknown area. “

Ashley Judd, Naomi Judd, Winona JuddNaomi Judd with her daughters Ashley and Winona. (Bay / Shutterstock)

Prior to her death, Naomi often talked about her relationship with Ashley and Winona in interviews and admitted that things were sometimes complicated between them. “Winona and I are making each other so emotional that it’s not healthy,” Naomi said. People About his connection with Winona in 2016. “We are so sympathetic, we can look at each other and fall into each other’s arms crying without saying a word. We are afraid of each other because we can go so deep. “

Naomi’s relationship with Ashley fell into a rocky spotlight in 2011 when the latter published a memoir about her life and mentioned in some pages the alleged abuse from Naomi. “I was just as honest with what I knew, but I’m a different person now,” Naomi once said of Ashley’s claim in an interview. Scene.

Learn more about the complex but close bond they share with Ashley and Wynonna and Naomi below.

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